Reduction in Acting Rank

Does anybody know the rules.
Firstly if you are Acting paid WO2, is there a time scale for being granted sub or can you be reduced to SSgt after say 2 years.
Secondly if you are being paid as a WO2 and have received higher than the relevant SSgt band ie currently paid at level 8 can you have your pay reduced to level 6 SSgt.

Any info appreciated.
You can be reduced at anytime someone else fills the billet that you are acting in. you should be reduced back the the pay you were on before as a SSgt plus any increments that you were do whilst acting. At least that's what my Combat HR Specialist (Clerk to the old fogies!) says.
Your Assignment Order should say something like XX is granted acting rank of ZZZ for the duration of his tenure in post or until selected for promotion.

as AOS says, once you stop holding the billet you give up the rank

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