Reducing Travel Costs

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Potentially the TA could be spending a lot of money on drill/weekend night travel costs as a sizeable number of my Sqn live in cities 40 miles away from our TAC. The three cities and other large towns are very close to each other and if we based a minibus in a TAC in one of these cities we could make a major saving in costs (and is also very green plus I could have more than 1 beer on a drill night).

    Is this done elsewhere? I guess some OTC's must do this.

    We could all transfer but our trade is very boring in the single Ptarmigan Sig Sqn in the area and it only has one det in our trade (doesn't have my trade at all).
  2. Who made you Chancellor!!

    The milage claim is the only reason alot of the TA turn up - its tax free and well over the odds, and you want to take it away, another perk gone.

    keep your money saving ideas to yourself!!
  3. Some of us don't primarily do it for the dosh but it is the main reason at the mo ....... :cry:
  4. You're having a giraffe..Fuel is over £1 a litre where I live and running costs for a car are much higher now if you include insurance, servicing, MOT, Tyres etc.
  5. I live, ahem, well over 100 miles from my TAC. I travel by public transport and would save the exchequer a huge sum if HMG were to prvoide me with a forces' railcard. But oh no, not for TA.....
  6. At 23 pence a mile it is not over the odds. Don`t forget that this sum is also supposed to compensate you for wear and tear on your private motor vehicle. This sum requires reviewing soonest to place it in a realistic price bracket in relation to fuel expenditure.

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  7. £1/gallon, 30 miles/gallon - fuel cost 3p per mile.

    Presumably you use your car for journeys other than to/from the TAC. Say, 12,000 miles normal use and 400 miles to/from the TAC (in my case, I clock up 1000 miles to/from the TAC - but then again, I only make 5 round trips/year!). The mileage allowance is contributing £80 towards the tax, insurance and depreciation on your car. Provided that the tax, insurance and depreciation come to less than £2480 per annum, it remains a fair proportion.

    Having said that, I believe that it should increase, purely because alternative transport methods are probably more expensive.

    Polar's idea has great merit, particularly for those that don't attend by car. In fact, I'll recommend him as the permanent minibus driver.
    . :lol:

    The revised version of the post is quoted below. No point in revising here as it has been quoted.

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  8. here we go we've lost TEA now we could lose the travel at this rate no one will join.
  9. £1 per gallon? What country you in? We're almost at £1 a litre!!! That's £4.50 a gallon as a rough guide. I worked out that mileage was just about fair for my car, 40-45mpg, expensive servicing (honda), large tyres (£65 each) and group 7 insurance.
    In response to the original post my old OTC did do that. A minibus or landrover was left at the TAC on parade nights (different locations for the universities), so that any group leaving for the main TAC early, or not on a main weekend could travel in one vehicle. Am sure it saved a lot of money. This only worked because there were two parade nights in two different cities 60miles apart, and the entire unit met up at the weekend at the main centre. A bit of thought on the part of staff can help, but again it depends on numbers and insurance (remember minibus is white fleet, heard something about problems if they were to consistently leave at a different tac *shrug*)
  10. In view of my apparent inability to distinguish between gallons and litres, I've revised my last post. (Be fair, we've only been decimal since Feb 15 1971)

    Yes, it probably is time that the mileage allowance increased. On this note, my civvy firm has just increased our allowance in line with the Tax Office recommendations, so I imagine that the Army will follow suit shortly.

    (I still think Polar should be spammed for driving - it was his idea after all!).
  11. AS the TA , and all members of the Military for that matter do more good for the country than the MP's , how about paying the same milage rate as they get >???
    Last time I heard it was about 40P per mile but guess it must be way over that now knowing what the government is like for voting themselves large increase and sod the workers
  12. So 15-20 MPG, group 20 insurance and £300 a tyre means I'm probably loosing out then :?

    Still it's another good excuse for not turning up on Tuesdays.
  13. Get a proper car. Obviously your car is too fast and too expensive. I gave up and became an old man at 19, I'm a proud honda civic owner :D

    Cheap cars the way forward. Also gave me an excuse (even more excuses) when driving myself + 2 or 3 others on a 120mile roundtrip every other week
  14. Bizarrely, railcards are not allowed to be used for duty journeys. Sounds like the MOD seeing themselves off by not reading the contract properly (yet again).
  15. It is a proper car, hand built in Crewe by a man named Clive (probably) Not amazingly fast seeing as it weighs over 2 tons but does come with a very nice, comfortable leather three piece suite.

    I've had cheap cars for the past 20 years (my previous car was a Ford Escort and before that a Rover 200), however I've been looking forward to this mid-life crisis for years and am damn well going to enjoy it :D