Reducing bergen weight

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. Now i know that packing a bergen is a personal thing when SOPs are not in place, we all have different ways of doing it. But im finding them im carrying the same kit of everybody else in my platoon but still have one of the heaviest bergens in my platoon, so i want to go back to basics try to sort out any stupid mistakes. Thanks in advance, the current packing method is:

    Left rocket
    -Spare socks and underwear
    -Rations in an old S6 resperator haversack (food and minimum brew kit)
    -Wash kit in a 20x20x6cm plastic box. Contains mirror, small shave balm, small moisturiser, hand sanitizer, talc, disposable razors, shaving oil, toothpaste and tooth brush

    Right rocket
    -Water proofs

    Main body
    -Softie sleeping bag
    -2l camelback
    -Spare uniform

    Top lid = Bash kit

    Inside lid pouch = 2 x A4 zip lock bags, one for rubbish and one for fablon and stuff for orders admin.

    Utility pouch on the front = Water bottle for cooking/spare water

    Im thinking the main problem may be the placing of the wash kit and rations and also what im storing them in. Any suggestions?
  2. To reduce the weight I would transfer out of the infantry and drive your bergen everywhere, it's mega light and you can carry what you want!
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  3. No matter where you place your wash kit and rations, your bergan will still weigh the same.

    Are your waterproofs and spare uniform sized XXXXL by any chance?
  4. Ditch all of it.

    Pack sleeping bag and 24hrs rations. Everything else improvise adapt and overcome.
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  5. Try cutting a hole in the bottom.
  6. Haha, why use a bergen? you could just tie the sleeping bag round you, and shove the rations in your pockets?
  7. What they said, transfer and drive a truck,...u know it makes sense :wink:
  8. My comments in bold

    There, that's a weight off your mind - and your shoulders!
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  9. Just do wet and dry drills, wet kit on, dry kit in bag with a pair of trainers for night, with possibly 3 pairs of socks as they're important. Possibly use cycling shorts instead of underwear for comfort.

    The number of people i've seen with 3 or even 4 changes of uniform is mind boggling!
  10. Ditch the S6 ressie sack for your rations; use a few A4 bags, and keep a meal, biscuits etc in your webbing.
    Camelbak (2l) + extra waterbottle (1l) + main waterbottle (1l). I take it you drink a lot? That's 3kg in your bergen.
    What's in the daysack? What can you do without?

    Of course, you may just be imagining it. Everybody else's bergen always seems to be lighter than yours; if you carry theirs for any distance, though, you'll soon realise that it isn't. Or you could just be less fit than everyone else, or the bergen could be a bad fit (too long or short for your back), or one side might be too heavy, so the weight is transferred unevenly, straining your muscles, or the straps aren't adjusted properly...
    Buy or nick a mass balance (the thing the PTIs use to see whether your webbing is heavy enough for the CFT) and compare.
    Bear in mind that it may well be much heavier, and that you need to be able to pack whilst leaving space ("Sorry, sarnt; I ain't got room for all this link, and the mortar bombs are a bit 'eavy...")
  11. I disagree mate, I know a lot of lads who carry extra water, when you don't know when the next replen will occur, having a spare isn't a bad thing. There are a lot worse things he could ditch than water!
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  12. I agree. Depends though. If your in a mech unit thats what jerry cans are for!
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  13. I didn't say ditch it; I pointed out that it is heavy; if it comes home barely touched because there's always a jerrycan handy, then it might not be worth carrying. The camelbak could be worn on the back; as it's closer to the spine the weight would be more effectively carried, and it would be easier to drink from than a waterbottle.
  14. Yes.

    If you have to ask on here, you are seriously insane and need a life.

  15. Here's a question for you, how much does it weigh with that lot in it? Max. 12kg or so?

    It doesn't sound too excessive to me.