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In the true spirit of the rumour service, could anyone let me know what the requirements are for applying for a reduced commitment year and has anyone actually done it?

I have already asked my PSAO for the sqn copy of TA regs so I could find out myself but met with the reply "Pass me the book and I'll tell you." Needless to say, he didn't tell me. Just questioned my commitment to the squadron and regiment after almost 6 years continued service, including a year of mobilised service. :evil:

I feel a rant coming on...
In the olden days, you could apply for a 'reduced cap commitment' which meant you had to do only 9 (I think) days in-camp rather than the usual 15. But you would still have to make up for the days with out of camp trg. Not sure if this is still the case.

Alternatively, you could just bite the bullet and miss the bounty for a year...


You can apply, via your OC for a reduced camp committment of 9 days. It has to be signed off by RHQ. Your PSAO facilitates it, but ultimately, it the OCs decision.

If you poke your nose around the coy/sqn office there should be a copy of BN standing orders.

I did one a couple of years ago. No dramas, just told not to do them often.
TA Regs Para 2.036:

A lower training liability consists of 15 days continuous training in camp (or course in lieu) or a minimum of 8 days continuous with balance of required 15 days made up from out of camp days.

Specialist personnel to pass 2 ITD(A); independent 3 ITD(A).

Soldier to be certified efficient by CO.

May be granted for one year at a time & should be published on Part 2 Orders by 1 Oct of the trg year in question.

May only serve on reduced liability for 2 years in any 5 unless authorised by Div/Dist.
If anyone wants a free copy of TA Regs and they live or work near Hammersmith, pop in and you can have them.

Thnaks Captainplume..

I've done a number of short camps over the years - no dramas with my Admin chaps - it's also worth adding that you can apply for an extended training year (1 month, then off for District approval for any more, I think) if there's a need for more time to fit in the extra out-of-camp days. Downside of course is you only get 11 months (or less) to fit in the following year's training!

One a linked note, one of our chaps has 15 days in-camp under his belt, but not enough out-of-camp and asked if he could do a third week in-camp to make the days up. My gut feeling (haven't got time to chase our Regs) is that it won't count unless it was put down as out-of-camp (which would probably be illegal of course!) as I've got a feeling that a few of our mobilised chaps hit the same problem - they couldn't do enough out-of-camp days as they'd been mobilised for nearly a year.

Any ideas or do i have to find the book? (or read the other thread :oops: )


if people are short of out of camp training days they can apply for an extension to the training year to either do bounty tests or out of/in camp days. you apply through the unit oc
Thanks for the concise replies. Now if I can tear myself away from the troops I might be able to spend at least one year with the family.

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