Reduced bounty for some?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sancho_Panza, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. I've heard a rumour that those unwilling to mobilise for Ops, will from next year get a reduced bounty. Not that I'm bothered by this having done several tours and have volunteered for Afg, just wondering if anyone has heard anything about this?
  2. sounds like a great idea to me, get rid of the last of the dregs,
    I know the buzz word at the moment is "enablers" but some of them should just join the ACF,
    waste of rations despite the quals they may or may not hold
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Applicable to those who don't want to do an Op tour! What about those of us who have repeatedly put our names down only to be told that there’s no need for our trades anywhere?

    Stag on mother f*cker? Wrong, I didn’t spend 5 years learning a trade to stag on at Bastion or provide top-cover.

    To be honest, my main reason to go on Ops would be to do my trade for a prolonged period of time thus making me better at my “job”.

    A: To move to either Infantry or Medic Unit to get on tour. Wrong, I’m neither.

    I’m not in the TA because I want to go on tour, I want go on tour because I’m in the TA (and it should be part of the job).
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Go regular then.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    So there is no need for your trade on Op HERRICK? Don't worry so much about the bounty as about the existence of your unit post SDR.
  7. Surely that would be the other way around? if I wanted to go on tour (for definite) what better way than sign up a reg??

    I feel that I owe it to my training/TA "career", personal development to go on Ops.
  8. I'm not worried about the bounty - not getting it this year and I'm not crying over it. (insert done to death generic "I'm not here for the financial 'perks'" speech).

    There is need for the ICS Ops on HERRICK yes, but: all filled with regs, not being trawled for, not being offered, not having any information via the usual routes.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    So my comments stands - There is no operational requirement for mobilising you in your TA specialisation. Unless that situation is likely to change, or you are relying on the Emperor's new clothes UK Ops ORBAT then your role will be looked at very closely for budget purposes.

    I am not saying it is right, or fair, but it is the harsh reality. Retrading may well become something you have to give some serious thought to if you wish to soldier on.
  10. And for what it's worth, I agree that Bounty should reflect commitment rather than ability to pass a few MATTs.

    However, you’re making a rod for your own back – what happens when you don’t go on tour one year….will you be happy with reduced or no bounty? Or is it acceptable to say that once you’ve done one Op tour, you’re untouchable?

    Moreover, we should be required to sign on every year (like HRR) with the same three levels of commitment. Bounty can then be calculated based on that level of commitment!
  11. I agree but (here's the tear-jerker) until that day comes, I'll carry on doing what I'm trained to do and strive to be the best I can be at it!

    Doesn't mean I should be a social outcast just because there isn't a gap in trades on Ops!
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Isn't a gap right now? No real problem. No gaps for the forseeable future? Potentially a huge problem.

    On a more positive note, in the meantime you are enjoying the view from the moral high ground as at least you are trying to get out there and do your job.
  13. Cav no way was my comments meant towards guys like you,
    I myself am crying out for a tour and I’m not as fussy as you! (I even got the MSR reply of go reg)

    But you and everyone else knows there are people out there who would never do a tour and would do anything to get out of it,

    My unit needs seniors we've got more seniors then Jnr yet we can’t fill 1 post every 6 months without problems,
    cause lots of fat knackers who are "enablers" are still in wasting rations,

    yes we do have other guys who for family or job issues don’t want to stick their hand up either.

    but to the family man why are you more important than a singly? yes your family will miss you, but a singles family will miss them too and if we even go to the money route most family will be better off with the lump sum upon your death, no mortgage and some spare change, ( and yes I live in the south so I know all about how fecking expensive it is!)

    but all in all remember FAMILY WORK TA
  14. To be honest i'd even settle for that, FTRS is a no go because of no rank or Drivers Licence, no tour because they dont want a class 3 CS op, either on guard or doing signals.
  15. Jezus I sh*t meself I thought bountys were being reduced to one bar from the usual two in a packet.