Redsands Fort

This perhaps for the older ones amongst us.......

Out in the Thames Estuary three army forts were built a good few miles out to sea. Each consisted of seven towers linked togeter by catwalks. One of the forts was removed about 45 years ago, but two, Red Sands Fort and Shivering Sands Fort still remain, both having been used as pirate radio stations in the sixties. The 3.7 inch main armament and bofors guns were removed long ago. There is a plan going ahead to preserve Redsands, and details can be seen at

Also, at the moment, an artist is living on one of the towers of Shivering Sands - details of that can be seen at

The forts did a good job of preventing mining of the Thames Estuary, and shot down more than 20 aircraft and about 30 V1 flying bombs.

There was also a similar fort in the sea near Liverpool, but that fort never fired a shot in anger and was removed after the war.

If anyone knows anything of life on the forts (perhaps a dad or grandad who served on them), then Project Redsand would love to hear from you. Imagine serving on one of them for a few weeks at a time.....

they were so appalying to serve on they had the highest rate of awol in the entire army .An e boat once drove between the legs of the fort .

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