Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. I know this is not the place to say a good word about crabs, but , pussy that I am. whenever I see them, I feel a physical, uncontrollable wave of pride , tears, emotion when I see the Reds doing their stuff. Does this make me gay?
  2. Thanks, that's reassuring. I'll just go off and buy an airoplane size sex aid
  3. Your money would be better off on spelling lessons!
  4. Isnt it funny, though, that everyone wants to Walt Them, the Paras, esp that part, marines etc, but noone Walts the Reds.
  5. Probably because its a lot easier to sew or tattoo on a BBC and maroon beret than it is to strap on a Jet?
  6. and in a tight spot, which would you prefer> Crab, Septic, or running shoes? Edited to say that running shoes come standard with any Septic op. Stand corrected before given Webley.
  7. BTW Sabre, I am just going out for a stroll, don't expect me at breakfast.
  8. Ye Gods the mongs are running the Asylum, again.
  9. Ah, enlightenment dawns - you mean the Red Arrows, not the Russians!

    You're gay either way, though.
  10. Thanks mate, off for a beer and a tub of lubricant then?
  11. The displays are good, and the pilots are sound too. Had a few jars with a couple of them at RIAT this year. Quality.
  12. There isn't much left to be proud of, is there? Give it 20 years and chavs will be trying to nick the stuff off the tarmac.
  13. While the turbines are warming.
  14. [​IMG]

    copy this picture I took of them yesterday and take it along to Boots, as all their photos are printed on stain proof water proof paper


    P.s please ignore the date stamp I'm too much of a mong to work out how to change it