Reds chief mocks beaten Chelsea

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, May 2, 2007.

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    nice one Rick :)
  2. maureen is a deluded egotist, small club, LIVERPOOL FC we dont have to exlplain our existence to that little tramp, the last 40 years of sucsess speaks volumes . Rick im glad he didnt rise to much to maureens rantings you have to give the little fool the contempt he deserves, leeds are a bigger club than chelsea still and there getting relegated , ive got more respect for Forest than Chelsea and look where are they.

    for the record heres my top 10 big clubs in England

    1 liverpool
    2 man u
    3 arsenal
    4 newcastle
    5 everton
    6 totenham
    7 aston villa
    8 west ham
    9 leeds u
    10 man city
  3. I'd rather Rick Parry didn't get involved. Maureen behaves like a child, don't want Liverpool lowering themselves to his level.
  4. Sludge is pretty much spot on, however:

    How about Wolves in that top 10? Not talking about current financial health or should I say, foreign interest, here, but I think Wolves or perhaps Man City or Sheff Wed (or Bolton, or Preston, or Burnley etc) are bigger than Chelsea. Looking forward to watching it all go so so wrong at the poncey Bridge! At least when they were shjite they had fans to respect....

    Would put the Toffees above Newcastle - they've won something in living memory and had the ultimate privilege of having had Bally grace their turf - RIP "Clockwork Orange".
  5. you were right with man city , i have just edited it bye bye chelsea , granted wolves are a big club , but in my opinion not as big , give it a few seasons , same with forest , and see how it stands , the reason i put newcastle in before everton is due to the fact theres only one club in newcastle , so one city one club bound to be big fans wise
  6. Why Newcastle at 4th? Apart from their fantastic fan base they have not got the most exciting trophy cabinet.
    As Shanks once said "I like thier cabinet, just need saucers to go with them cups!"
  7. WL, couldn't agree more! You're obviously a person of great taste, RIP Bally :-(