Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by old_1RGJ, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. Having served in both regular and TA units for the past 17 years,I am now taking my OC then the families/welfare officer(TA) to redress.Has anyone been through this system and what was the outcome?And who do I present it to,battalion or brigade?some info on this would be appreciated.
  2. Annex D to AGAI Ch 70 contains all you need to know on raising a complaint. In summary:

    • A complainant should be encouraged to informally raise his concern in the hope that it can be locally resolved. Only if it can’t be resolved should a formal Application for Redress of Complaint (ARC) be submitted to the Receiving Officer (RO).

    • An application form for a formal complaint is at Appx 1 to Annex A to AGAI Ch 70. A complainant’s guide is at Annex D to AGAI Ch 70.

    • If the CO is implicated in the complaint, then the ARC must be submitted directly to the next level in the chain of command, to act as RO - QRs J5.204f and AGAI 70.013.

    • If the redress is not capable of being granted, then the complainant should be advised to review the redress sought, make a Representation or to withdraw the ARC – AGAI 70.016 and 70.017.

    • The unit is to appoint an Assisting Officer to guide the complainant as required – Appx 2 to Annex A to AGAI 70

    • The responsibilities of the RO are explained at Annex A to AGAI Ch 70.

    • The unit is to fax a copy of the ARC to formation HQ and AAW (Fax: 94561 3057 as at Dec 03).

    • It is critical that the unit takes advice from Div/Dist HQ on whether the ARC is “in time”. For units in NI – please liaise with Bde HQ in the first instance.

    Hope that helps a little. For most cases, a 3 month time limit applies.


    Editied to add time limit.
  3. Arrr me old "Jacket" if it's an E & D matter I can help, feel free to PM me, leave the shovel out though!

  4. If you are going to do it then have the balls to go through with it.

    I was taking the Welfare Officer to redress and after a couple of months I was "threatened" by the CO.

    At the time I was in the last eighteen months of colour service and just wanted to leave without any extra hassle.

    The worst thing that I did during my 22.

    I have learnt alot about the system of redress during the said period. You are the innocent person and dont let anyone try to pursuade you otherwise.

    If youi havent already done so. Contact the Army Welfare Service and hae a chat with them as they do come across this quite often.

    I contacted the AWS and took advice against the Welfare Officer whilst I was working in the Welfare Office. They were great.

    Go for it and good luck. Dont bottle out like I did.