Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Frodo5282, May 11, 2012.

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  1. I have been in my new posting for 16 months and have never had a problem with my responsibilities as private. Recently we've had a new stuff sergeants that has been imposition for approximately 6 months and all seems good.

    But on a training day I was asked into the office and was told that I've been doing everything wrong on my attitudes needed to be adjusted.

    After several more allegations regarding getting to work even though I've never been late and my teamwork even know my team like me and we all work together. He told me that I needed to be put back on the right path as I am wondering away from where I should be.

    To get me back on course I've been given a mentor a Lance corporal in my section. he is now teach me how to obey orders by marching me on camp. Even though I've never disobeyed any orders and never moaned about anything asked of me.

    At the moment I feel like I am being singled out for my lack of experience in a regular time as I am ex TA.

    I am not the type of person to make complaints but I believe something needs to be done as is affecting my morale and the way I work.

    Thank you for your time guys!
  2. Ask your Admin Office.

    Oh, hang on, they are all muppets. You've burnt your bridges with me already.

  3. Have you tried giving in to his sexual advances?

    Hope this helps.
  4. So you think your CHRS are Muppets, and your Staffy thinks you're lazy, have a bad attitude and need babysitting.

    I wonder who is the real problem here.
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  5. Hey Frodo,

    Good news! If you quit being cunty, everyone will stop treating you like a dick!


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  6. So mature
  7. Yes we are actually, and obviously know a bit more about redress and how to put a claim in on JPA.

    Even though we're muppets.
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  8. Meh.
  9. Poor wah or shit sock puppet, 0/10
  10. To be fair, most clerks are chubby, fablonbiffchitted *****.
  11. Your point being?
  12. That most clerks are chubby, fablonbiffchitted *****. You're not of course, you're a drunken, fablonbiffchitted ****.
  13. Has no-one else picked up on the fact he writes like a Tree Frog speaks? The goat-butchering, oppo-bumming ****.
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  14. A good source tells me he will be going to Northolt. Un-*******-lucky.

    His welcome package is awaiting him.
  15. I don't shag grannies though...............