Redress, worth it?

redress', worth the hassle?

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Is it worth going through the hassle of completeing a redress of complaint letter when you are 99% certain it will end up in the "do nothing but mark this b@stards cards" file?

Have they ever done any good?
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There was a thread on this in the "Adjutant's Office" forum last year.

I think it all depends on how well you can substantiate a redress. If you are having a punt because you don't like what your RO has written then it's likely to do more harm than good, but if the redress is a genuine one I would do it on principle.
the situation is much the same as our glourious minister for disinformation's!

I, whilst being more qualified and senior have been passed over for someone who recieved the same amount of points!

they have been in the trade for about a tenth of my time, not completed trade qualification and diversification courses and not completed basic promotional requirements!

As for my RO's comments you'd think the sun shone out of my arrse!

would the promotion board ever admit or overturn a mistake?
someone who recieved the same amount of points!
I am not sure what you mean by points ? Points when the promotion board sat or what ? The outcome is normally confidential ? In any event you quite rightly want to know why you were not promoted and MCM Div will tell you that.

What they are unlikely to tell you is why someone else was promoted ahead of you as the reason will always be that they are better than you and that is that !

The lack of promotion is rarely a cause for redress because the boards are independant and having sat on many and I am sure users on this board have as well, they really are.

Take a deep breath and good luck next year. Once you get bitter then you start the slipperly slope downwards. I have seen it happen many times.
Ramillies makes some good points. I think you also have to be brutally honest with yourself in terms of recognising your weaknesses. We all prefer to dwell on our relative strengths and pretend that weaknesses don't exist. I know what my character flaws are, but it's easier to play them down, and I know what my professional flaws are and it is easier to think of myself as better than I am in some areas. While it isn't easy admitting to yourself where you can make improvements, it can stop you becoming resentful of the system because you don't "externalise" the cause of the issue. That being said, boards don't always get it 100% right and it may be that the odd one or two individuals get through who shouldn't.

As this isn't a "Corps" issue so much, I'm going to move this to the Adj's Office where there's more likely to be a wider response.
I had problems due to being downgraded with a non-pulheems related heredetory disease. That held me back for many years. A lot happened of which that is my business. I left it late to do something about it though.

That is, however, when I wrote to my Regt Col and asked for this to be investigated by an independant body. Funny old thing I was promoted at the next board. Due to no fault of my own and still feeling (and more than proving) physically fit and and cutting the mustard in work, it took me 10 years to get from Sgt to WO2.

The drawback was I had no more time left to reach WO1 and the recommendations I got for commission turned into non-recommendations (funny old thing). There was bound to be a drawback in such fights.

To this day I still have not had an acceptable excuse for my treatment. They have tried hard to bluff it but they didn't do a very good job. I have now got what I wanted via other means, and I am happy what I am doing but it leaves a sour taste in the mouth when you have given your all for your corps and have not been able to fulfil your goals.

If you have a sound case and are willing to take some flack and dark looks then go for it. It is your future and maybe that of your family that is important and further to that, no one will give a flying to$$ if you just lie down and take it up the back passage.

Put the wrong-doers in the corner and you may get some feedback or recompense. Don't take it - do something about it when you get the chance. Don't leave it too long like I did.

I still got what I wanted out of the Army to a point, and I am doing something I enjoy, with next to no disruption to my family and good money. It is their loss in the end and not mine.

As I have stated - If you feel you are being mismanaged or wrongly done by, and you can back it up - Take em to the cleaners. If you don't - they will.
Having successfully won a redress, I would say do it and I wholeheartedly support what TW has said. As Woopert says though, you have to take a long hard look at yourself sometimes. If you have any doubts of your ability, don't embarrass yourself.

Be prepared for a long slog. It takes a couple of years to get before the Army Board, not a couple of weeks.

If you've made up your mind to submit a redress and you do, see it through to the bitter end, unless you get what you wanted in between times. Do not let any bugger harrass you. Some people take it way too personal. The issue is between you and your employer. It's nothing to do with your RSM or anyone of that ilk, so don't take sh*t. MAke a note of anything which happens to you in between times, but do not turn into a Red Ken. You'll only get their backs up and make an arrse of yourself and what it is that you are trying to achieve.

Speak to a local solicitor beforehand. If you are in a larger Garrison, there's plenty around and they are becoming familiar with the employment issues in the service. You are entitled a a free half hour with them. It's worth going. Just don't tell anyone that you have done. It'll make you look like a trouble maker. remember, it's between you and your employer. It's no one elses business.

You might also want to speak with a officer who knows you and whom you trust. Be careful as not to put them into any difficult positions though. They'll not turn round and agree with you that the CO is a cnut, even though that's how you probably both feel. Be polite, be respectful, seek their advice, but don't try to turn them into your champion. Both of you will lose out. Do not ask a subbie...........they'll start to cry.

Wise words of advice.

Have a look at yourself, and if you are convinced you are right or have a point after taking sound advice, then go for it. The system is there to back you up.

Let's not go down the manning control point rabbit hole again...PLEEZE...see other threads....

Getting back to the original thread....

Yes, if you have a genuine cause for complaint but are not simply taking issue with opinion, go for it.

The Warden sounds a little bit jaundiced there...WO2 is pretty bloody good mate...WO1 or commissioning are, contrary to many peoples opinion, NOT natural progressions, automatic or free with greenshield stamps. Know your ceiling!

An interesting development is in the Officers' OJAR. You can now apparently append a comment sheet to your report if you want to make any comment about the way your report has been written or if you don't agree with it, without having to go as far as formal redress. These have, however, become known as 'suicide notes' in the APC, as, apparently, Boards just see them as whinging shits having a drip and automatically mark the poor bastards down! Nice one!
RangiRam said:
An interesting development is in the Officers' OJAR. You can now apparently append a comment sheet to your report if you want to make any comment about the way your report has been written or if you don't agree with it, without having to go as far as formal redress.

Unless things have changed in the last few years, ORs can also do this. it's called 'a representation' and allows you to have your say if you disagree with your CR. Unlike a redress, a representation stays with the CR for future boards.
Thankyou for your words of wisdom Rangigam.

I do not know what you do, I do not know who you are and quite frankly I could not give a flying fcuk if you were the CGS. But you do not know me either. So unless you know what I had to do or put up with, then ask me nicely and I will tell you. Otherwise Gob it and keep your nose out. Someone asked a question and was given an answer. What I did is my business but it if helps someone else then good luck to them.

I presume from your Party line bumbling that you have never had to put up a fight against the system. I get the distinct feeling you sit in those ivory towers and make decisions about peoples careers without knowing them.

What you think is good and what is are two different things. You probably never went up the ranks, as my suspicion tells me, so what do you know about getting to WO2 or WO1. It is every regular Soldiers goal (or near enough) to reach WO1 and be RSM. As far as most are concerned, it is a natural progresion and while we are at it mate - DONT TELL ME WHERE MY CIELING LAY. It is probably the case that it is people like you I had to fight against to get whare I did. My crime was having a disease that meant some no name civilian doctor made a decision that was to have proved to have been wrong. My sentence was being held back while feeling and proving I was OK. The other thing is that I am no longer in a direct position to give help and support to my troops from YES MEN like yourself. God do I feel sorry for them.

Put your opinion to my family who bore the brunt of my anger. Tell that to my savings account that could have had more in it to enable me to look after my future and that of my family.

As I said before, To win I had to lose, but I still have my dignity. I also know things do not come for free so drop the patronising crap.

Mr Party Line; If you do not know the background information, keep your one sided opinions to yourself. Do not tell me what I am or not or where I deserved to be and I will not tell you what I think of you, and having seen your answers to some of your threads, that makes me think you are a Yes Man who would rather think about his boss than his men. This thread is about people who have a problem and need it solving, not making worse.

PS. Give my regards to everyone in Glasgow.
Just read your Interests on your profile GaggingRam.

That just about sums you right up. God do I pitty your men with that attitude.
Just read your Interests on your profile GaggingRam.

"Interests: A damn good curry, a stiff gin, cricket, rugby, soccer, skiing and a well cut suit "

That just about sums you right up. You forgot about the " Looking after the well being and welfare of my Troops" bit.
Phew! Obviously touched a raw nerve there then! Warden, I do not know you or the problems you have experienced. I am sorry if you feel let down by the doctors, the system or anyone else. I am even sorry that yuou feel the need to vent your vitriol on me but hope that you feel better for it. Hopefully, that is one of the many positive aspects of this site and the frank exchange of views it allows.

My point was more to do with the fact that too many people have unrealistic expectations and assume they have a right to high quality CRs and promotion and are often surprised when it doesn't come up with the rations! The promotion pyramids are structured so as to give the VERY BEST a full career of 22 years, reaching WO1 at around the 18/19 year point. Not everyone does and, funny old thing, not everyone can, is good enough or deserves to.

With regard my interests...yah ever heard of irony mate? :wink:

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