Redress of the way a redress has been (miss)handled

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Blokeonabike, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. Ok gathered learned Gentlemen (and possibly Ladies).

    Question of the day is how can someone who's (quite serious) redress of grievance has mysteriously "been lost" at higher formation level make a complaint about the way it has been misshandled?

    A second redress does not appear to be the logical answer as it might simply suffer the same fate as the first!
  2. You could submit a service complaint citing the original redress and your dissatisfaction about the way it has been actioned. This can be done via the CoC or directly to the Complaints Commissioner. I am not, however, an expert in this area.
  3. That would be the complaints commisioner who (3 months later) has not even bothered to answer emails and has no listed phone number!
  4. Contact us

    Took me 5 seconds.
  5. Zero-over,

    Many thanks. I made the (foolish) error of looking on the MOD intranet instead of externally on the internet
  6. No bother. From a quick read of their website, however, I'm not sure how much joy you'll get...
  7. Well,thus far they have not responded to the emails sent 3 months ago!

    Once again, this is not for me but me trying to help someone else with sensible advice.
  8. Ask their local MP to raise it as a question, Ministerial Requests always makes people 'find things'