Redress of Grievance

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ShinyAndAttractive, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. Hi All

    Lets say that, hypothetically, that my CR is months overdue. I can either whinge on about it, or I can submit a Redress of Grievance.

    The exam question is, having written out a Redress of Grievance, who would it be given to, for action?

    This question, when posed to my CofC, generated a number of conflicting responses - the choices seem to be:

    Pltn Lt (who, as 1stRO, has failed to take action in providing the CR)
    Coy OC (as 2ndRO, should be aware of the situation)
    PSAO (as the font of all admin knowledge)

    NOTE - just to add to this, the guidance states that the Redress should be submitted "to my CO" - can just imagine how the unit will react when the Colonel phones up.... :D
  2. Have you informally complained to the 1RO? And had it bounced or completely ignored? Your next step is then to make an informal complaint to their senior, prior to the formal submission. AGAI 70.013 makes this clear it is your CO, however I would suggest a quick word with the PSAO might get the appropriate boot applied without you having to actually submit the letter.
  3. If I were in this hypothetical situation, it would be because several attempts to resolve the issue with the 1RO (both verbal and written) have had no effect...
  4. S&A,

    Have you had a MPAR?

    I assume you are Pte or LCpl, so a SNCO should have a [formal] input in your CR: have you spoken to your pl sgt about it?
  5. Hi

    For the purposes of this example, assume no MPAR, and response fm the Pltn Sgt to the effect of "you have to speak to the Lt about that - it's got nowt to do with me").
  6. RSM? Possibly has more active junior-officer-kicking boots than the PSAO.
  7. Assume a "quiet chat" with the CSM several weeks back, resulting in a "let the CofC get on with it" response, and a veiled (well, not so veiled) warning about going outside the Coy.
  8. And just to provide a few more variations, should the action to be taken be a Redress, a Formal Complaint, or a Representation?
  9. msr

    msr LE

    I would have thought a letter to OC asking for guidance on date of receipt of CR, with copies of the letters which were sent to Pl Comd.

  10. Without disagreeing with msr - the less formal this can be kept this the less damage will be done - if it has to happen, it must be a Complaint; informal first, if possible, then formal. He/she/it could not (yet) make a Representation - you need to have a CR first to disagree with for that route (AGAI Ch70 Annex E 2.b).

    The complaint needs to include the appropriate expected remedy - i.e. getting the fornicating CR - which is formally known as the redress (ibid 70.016).

    I don't think this is helping your example too much - assuming all is as portrayed the hypothetical victim seems to have an overdose of either lazy, cnut or simply "can't be arrsed" (or any combination) within their CoC. I would note that if CRs are significantly overdue, administrative personnel (ie outside the CoC and any "save the company face" game) will start issuing increasingly pointed written reminders. JPA exception reports will highlight this to those responsible for ensuring that all documents are completed in triplicate, bound with red tape (which is sodding hard if they are on the computer) and signed in blood.
  11. Question: Is there an annual report that all soldiers, whether pte or not should see regarding their performance? Believe that CR is only for > JNCO
  12. Depends on what you want the outcome to be Squire. You've grounds for a redress,but that may be viewed as you going OTT. In a hypothetical situation, you can go to your hypothetic Unit Equal Opportunities Officer as you are potentially being hypothetically career fouled (when's your hypothetic board) if your hypothetic ACR doesn't reach Glasgow in time.

    Try the UEOA first. They tend to get the boat rocking but in a manner which doesn't see you getting shafted as those who can shaft you...hypothetically, can be hypthetically shafted themselves as there will be a record held of your visit to the UEOA by the UEOA, who should support you when people turn into c*nts.

    Beforehand though,find out why there is a delay. Your boss may be away on a long career course etc and going in guns ablazing will make you look a prat...hypthetically speaking of course.
  13. I suspect that your CR (when it comes following a redress of grievance) will say that Pte Shinyandattractive is pushy barrack-room lawyer with no sense of cameraderie and team spirit.

    I would question why you need a CR so much. If you have a particularly pressing need - fine. Otherwise go with the flow. You've clearly made a few waves - it'll come.
  14. ^Totally its the TA for you, just go with the flow. 8)

    Don't go f*cking your self up over it man.
  15. LOL, one Army and all that. You are entitled to a CR, in fact, your CoC MUST produce a CR and MPAR every year. Tis the rules across the board, reg or TA.