Redress of Grievance

Redress of Grievance

Just been reading the “Promotion right or reward” thread and the topic of Redress has cropped up. How many have put in a redress and successfully won? How many redressed a grievance and came a cropper?

I redressed a decision my Company Commander made referring to a claim he was not going to sign that would leave me out of pocket. I had to run the gauntlet of the CSM and RSM, they did all but threaten to turn down my posting to Junior Div! If it was not for the QM intervening I recon I would have bottled it! Taking the easy option.

Any experiences out there?
There was a very similar thread that is in the RHQ forum. I'll move this thread there as it is more appropriate.
About 60% that reach Glasgow are successful - the majority of the causes of failure are a misunderstanding of the rules, failing to submit in time etc. In general terms the higher it goes - wherever the individual has been wronged - the greater chance of the redress being given sometime with monetry benefit if applicable.

The overwhelming majority get solved at unit level and that of course is the aim. An individual gets satisfaction as quickly as possible.
A colleague of mine had the misfortune to try for redress.

Although he had been blatantly f*cked over, because the offender was a pot tiffy, and he way down in the feeding chain, the result was he got an even blacker mark against his name and his claim never made it out of the regiment.

Maybe some sort of external agency ie "internal affairs" type would be better for dealing with redress issues? Having to fight an obviously biased chain of command is normally not worth the hassle: result = guys get shafted just because a total c*ck outranks them.

You cant even do the old fashioned method of just knocking them out on th next piss-up any more either.
I dont think redress works. Was talking to some guys at ITC Litchfield and they was talking about a pal whos redress has been going on for over 3 years, seems abit long that :roll: I can hear them at Glasgow now.

I have a redress in at present and it has been going for two years plus. Only last week I was informed that it has now been passed to two members of the Army Board. Now what they do - I have no idea - but at least it has now reached them.

These things do take time and each one is different with different complexities involved. Anyone who has a redress running can ask OSC (A) at Glasgow for an update as to where their case is at present. You can also add to it and cancel it at any time.

The previous post about sorting the issue out at unit level is correct but what usually goes wrong is that soldiers do not know the "three month rule" - you only have three months to lodge a redress from the date you become aware of the wrong. This time limit is usually the MoD's first line of defence.
ViroBono said:
Even when Hoon does reply, how would we know if he's telling the truth?
He never does.

And he wears a wig.....
well i have had a redree in for 4 years now have just won it went all the way up to Geoff Hoon, as i involved my local MP, who asked what was going on in PM's questions. they have agreed i was shafted big time, just arguing about how much cash will compensate. your right about bottling it had so many people threaten me it was unbelievable.

keep going if you have a fair point it will be dealt with eventually
The previous post about sorting the issue out at unit level is correct but what usually goes wrong is that soldiers do not know the "three month rule" - you only have three months to lodge a redress from the date you become aware of the wrong.
Correct and I am sure you agree that to go beyond this date would not make sense as memories get blurry.

keep going if you have a fair point it will be dealt with eventually
Excellent news and glad that it was sorted for you. The redress system is not perfect but is getting quicker and better as time goes on. At least we have a redress system now - years ago there was nothing at all. The bottom line though is that it always a shame that a redress is required - as all sides suffer.
Is this what you was looking for?

Mr. Keetch: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what the procedures are for (a) officers and (b) other ranks in the Army to appeal against army redress decisions; and if he will make a statement. [145730]

Mr. Caplin: The procedures governing appeals against army redress decisions are contained within section 180 of the Army Act 1955, Chapter 5 of Queen's Regulations and Army General and Administrative Instructions, Volume 2, Chapter 70. Officers and other ranks who make a complaint and who do not obtain the redress to which they think they are entitled, may submit their complaint to the Defence Council (the Army Board acting as the Defence Council). The procedures require the complaint to proceed through a series of levels in the chain of command, any of which may resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the complainant, before it is considered by the Defence Council. If officers do not obtain from the Defence Council the redress they seek, they have the further opportunity to require the Defence Council to make a report on the complaint to Her Majesty and she has the power to look into the case further, acting on the advice of my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Defence.
If you have only three months to submit a redress, then surely there must be a realistic time restriction on when that complaint is dealt with. 4 Years seems extreme - 12 months should be maximum, with extensions approved by the Defence Council or automatic ruling in favour of the claimant. :evil:
Redresses take to long and are unnecessarily drawn out. If it took that long to get a criminal to court, the case would be thrown out as an abuse of process. Then the compensation case begins.

They will wake up one day. They'll have no choice. The sad thing is, that the good name of the Army is tarnished by the actions of some very spiteful people, who cause the soldier to redress in the first place.


One problem is some people clogging up the system with redress against bad news not unfairness. I was involved in a lenghty redress when someone was complaing they had not received a recommendation for promotion when they had done an extremely good job. True he had been excellent in his post but would have been an indecisive flapper if he promoted. He was told when he got his report that he didn't have the mettle for the next rank flat out. The redress was about him not being told why he wasn't recommended. End result the ministerial inquiry made him look a true tool but the inquiriy needed infromation dating back years and a justification of every decision made. It made the reporting officer feel like a criminal!

The system is fair - and the higher ig goes usually the better the result - but the system does need speeding up. perhaps detering those who cry wolf with punishment for false claims might help spped up the genuine redresses fo poor soldiers who really are shafted. :roll: :roll:
The conduct of some reporting officers should be viewed as criminal. I won mine, having had to endure my reputation being destroyed by a single spiteful first RO and a madman of a 2nd RO. The amount of stress that caused me was incredible. The board didn't say exactly what they thought of them, but reading between the lines, I believe that they considered them as I did. Arrseholes. My Case Officer was fantastic. Can't name him, but he kept me appraised of every move and supported me (within reason) throughout. It's just a shame that it takes so long. There has to be a better way and it would be nice if the Army were to find it before some well paid silk does.
I think the main problem as Dirty pointed out is the character assassination that is well practised by some officers when a redress is submitted, sometimes not all times, the other officers in that unit will close ranks and attempt to back up that officers comments with hear say on the individual. When a complainant asked to see documentary evidence to substantiate the officers claims it has been known to fall on deaf ears, why?

Also here is something that AGAIs and QRs don't tell you.

And it gets arrses twitching :twisted:

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