Redress of Grievance Procedure- legal involvement

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by armadillo, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Redress of Grievance

    I have checked the paperwork with regards to redress of grievance.

    1 Does the HMF have crown immunity ?

    2 Can outside arbitration service be involved as a third party?

    3 When can a solicitor be brought in?

    The three questions above I need answering please.



    I have a on going dispute, which now needs addressing by people more qualified than I.
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  4. Cheers Josey a moment of brevity after a long day

    Cheers Armadillo
  5. 1. The Crown lost its immunity in 1983.

    2. Yes.

    3. Yes.
  6. Cheers Fingers,

    Can act on it now

  7. 1. Depends what your grievance is about

    2. Not directly you need to walk the walk but you can have a solicitor help push things in the right direction from the very start

    3 As per point 2

    Hope that helps PM me if you need any advice with your rederss :wink:
  8. Thanks Kenny,

    Got a interview with a solicitor on Monday,

    I have complained umpteen times, either go to file 13 or delayed, need to get serious now.

    A to show I mean it

    B To get the grievance sorted, people have to be accountable for their actions

    C I am not in one bit litigous, just require redress of original complaint, before the situation worsens


  9. what was the time frame from when you made your complaint. was it informal first and had you submitted a fromal complaint? PM if you need to keep aspects under the rader.