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A very good friend of mine (SNCO) has just had his CR and it was dreadful!! The bottom line is he has had a personality clash with his boss and consequently this was reflectected in his CR. He is obviously not very happy with this and is now complaining has any one else gone down this road, what did it envolve and were they succsessful?
On slightly dodgy ground redressing a CR (trust me I'm an Adjutant!). Basically anyone is entitled to any opinion they choose to take about you and you can only normally redress if their is a factual inacuracy in the CR. You have to be very specific about what you want to achieve (i.e. remove a specific comment).

The other option would be if you did not have a mid-year appraisal telling you were arrse (and what to do about it to improve) before getting said CR. You would then have some cause for redress.

Redress must be submitted within 2 months and if not resolved at Unit level can go up the Chain of Command to the Army Board (to the Queen herself if you are an Officer!!).

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the advice :)

He has all the relevant ticks in the boxes all in the left hand side as you would expect has a recomendation for promotion the problem is the pen picture is damning/career stopper. This all to do with an incident poorly managed by the Reporting Officer who ended up looking a complete tit (by his own actions) in front of Div Comd !! my mate only did his job this is the thanks he gets, other SNCO involved in incident also got **** CR(which is highly unusual as he is a flyer) but not to bothered as he was picked up for colour when CR was writtain. Mid year appraisel was just after said incident so consisted of a one way chat all about incident. All Crs before have all been glowing is this a case of complain or just get on with it!!!
trust me I'm an Adjutant!).
Good adjutant, :oops: its 3 months to redress a complaint :wink:

As for the "Basically anyone is entitled to any opinion" chest nut, not anymore, If those "opinions" can be proved to malicious though improper actions on the RO part, then stand by

get your mate to have a word with his RO first, inform him what he is going to do ie redress, etc. believe me, his RO will not want his name going up to AAW Glasgow if he has acted improperly. Stick with it, dont just lay down and let it happen because that RO will just keep doing it and not just to your mate. you could be next for not laughing at his jokes :wink:
good luck
I agree... your mate needs to redress the CR. You cannot base a CR on ONE incident.... its a report over the full reporting period.

The 4 'p'... Position, Promotion, Potential & Performance.

Read the MS Guide. There's also a useful guide to Soldiers CR's on the LAND INTRANET (go to the AMS MCM Div, and there's a hyperlink to a word document which explains how a CR should be compiled. Its for the AMS RO's but what it says is useful for any capbadge).

Your mate may also go to an Independent Industrial Tribunal, in the last resort i.e. go to Law.
Tell your mate not to lie down and take it to the top.

The days of CRs being written with hidden meaning in the text that only promotion board officers knew about are well and truely over. We now know how to read CRs and what to do about them if they,re not written in a true professional manner.

We even have people sitting on the boards or observing just to make sure its kept fair!!!!!
Doubt if this happens in the AMS,(Or will ever).

Hope your mate fights tooth and nail.I did but never got anywhere.Marked man for 10 years after that. (AMS CNUTS).

Bitter, who me.!!!!!!!! :x :x :x :x :x :D
i tried it, and it didnt even get me anywhere. just marked down as a troublesome sort. i wanted to take it all the way but was bullied out of it by various personalities. it hasnt done me any good at all.

but good luck in yours
redress? not worth it. my mate (just before commanding his battalion) tried redress after a shi**y CR from his 1* and has since been overlooked for promotion 3 times. the system grinds you down and it always wins in the end - and I'm speaking as someone who has sat on plenty of these promotion boards. :(
Your friend's OC has an opinion and it is within the course of his employment to express it.

However, such opinion based statements should be made with an objective justification of that which your friend's OC wishes to prove. If this is not the case then such claims could be construed as prima facie malicious.

Your friend will need to show that the contents of the CR are not warranted by his past performance (a peronality clash is not sufficient - unless he can show that he attempted to redress the matter at the time it was noticed).

Bottom line - if he has the proof on his side then go for it, however if that is not the case then he will need to consider his futire, assuming that he goes for redress regardless with no substantive evidence to back it up.
Your mate needs to get all his facts together, request relevant career interviews, compiling good solid questions beforehand, and note down the answers. Then he puts his case forward officially. If any one person or department fails to give the correct guidance and support, then take em on too. Your mate should not lie down and take this just so someone can keep face. That unfortunately is the hypocracy of the reporting system. A dangerous person whields a pen and .....Whoops..... There goes your future.

Been there and done that. The 3 month mallarky was rammed in my face too and I still pulled it off 5 years later. There are lots of people out there who will do what they can to hinder such a case.

Just get your mate to get his poo in one pile before he goes in to bat.
He must not get mad, but go in quietly and confidently. If, your description of the lead up is true then any tribunal will rip it to pieces in favour of your mate. He, however, is the only one who should make any decisions. He has to be true to himself and others if he is to win this. If there are no grounds for the redress then your mate must take it on the chin and learn from his mistakes
Thanks for all the advice he is pushing it as he feels has nothing to lose and all to gain but was surprised that the vieled threats have started already. He now walks around with a dictaphone and whips it out whenever he gets called in for a cosy chat to discuss his future.
Many of us get stung with the a downright ARRSE CR from time to time.

I have just received 2 years CRs at the same time. I have clear grounds for redress and intended to take that route.

I'm a clerk away from that RO now but have been warned that although I could re-dress and win, my card would be marked. That was friendly advice from an un-related SPS Branch.

Instead I have opted for a Representation - essentially a statement by you of your grievance with the CR, it is attached to your CR and read by any board reviewing it. It doesn't get anyone's backs' up, it goes straight to MCM Div and is not answered by your ROs.

As angry as you may be, you will never beat the system, the Redress is very public and can last a while. You get to make one statement whereas each RO gets to have his say.

Is it ever worth incurring the full wrath of your entire chain of command just so you can have your say? Crap like that follows you forever, no single CR is worth that surely? You think your next boss won't get to hear about it?

It has to be the individual's choice but re-dress for soldiers.... "Pull the other one!"
Like BigAl, I deal with a lot of JNCOs and SNCOs wanting to redress the content of their pen picture. To date, only one has actually had to go "formal". In all other cases, I have been able to act a mediator between the report writer and the subject to achieve an informal resolution.

The real issues arise when you have a "might is right" command chain that refuses to consider the objections of ORs. However, the issue can be mitigated, as it was in one grading board I know of when the president drew everyone's attention to a particular reporting officer and told the board to ignore certain comments on people's CRs because the RO was "a complete w***er".

By and large, the CR system works.

RAF rapped over victimisation case

A FORMER corporal in the RAF police who was victimised after making a complaint of sexual harassment has been awarded more than £30,000 in compensation.

Catherine Brumfitt, of Wolverhampton, took her case to an employment tribunal after complaining about lewd remarks made by a male colleague during a training course at nearby RAF Cosford.

In a ruling issued last October, the tribunal described the way the 33-year-old was treated as "a particularly deliberate, spiteful and vindictive act calculated to exact revenge".

The tribunal found that Mrs Brumfitt had experienced "a deliberate denigration as a result of her complaint" when her annual appraisal was carried out by the person about whom she had complained.

Jenny Watson, deputy chairwoman of the Equal Opportunities Commission, which supported Mrs Brumfitt’s legal action, said the RAF’s failure to make sure she was treated fairly had ended a promising career.

"The RAF urgently needs to carry out a thorough review of how it handles complaints to make sure staff are not discouraged from reporting unfair treatment," Ms Watson said.

Mrs Brumfitt had made a formal complaint of sexual harassment after attending a training course on how to deal with victims of sexual crime. The tribunal, however, did not uphold the complaint, on the grounds that the "unsavoury comments" made by the sergeant running the course were not directed at her personally.
Pete9075 said:
Tell your mate not to lie down and take it to the top.

The days of CRs being written with hidden meaning in the text that only promotion board officers knew about are well and truely over. We now know how to read CRs and what to do about them if they,re not written in a true professional manner.

We even have people sitting on the boards or observing just to make sure its kept fair!!!!!

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