Redress of AGAI 67 action

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Two_Domes, May 12, 2009.

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  1. Right, I know this has been done to death, however this one is slightly different.

    Received some bad news recently, to say the least. Whilst receiving this news, AGAI 67 paperwork was thrust under my nose to sign.

    I ticked a box saying 'I am content that this removal proceeds without reference to higher authority'. Does this mean that my right of redress has gone?

    In fairness, at the point that the paperwork was given to me, I would have signed my own death warrant without question. Now that the dust has settled, I wish to proceed with a redress. Will this affect it?
  2. probably need more info than that.... ie for what were you agaid?

    but you could enquire through your chain of command.
  3. Cant really give anymore details I'm afraid mate, but they arent really relevant either.

    Does ticking of that statement mean that my right of redress is gone?
    Simple as that.
  4. Are we talking minor or major admin action? :)
  5. I am assuming it was Appendix 2 to Annex F? You should make representation to the deciding officer within 10 working days for non-blameworthy or without prejudice removal. If you have already ticked the box i'm not sure where you stand.
    For these removal reasons there is no re-dress procedure, but as said you make representation (spk to your SSA ASAP) within 10 days.

    Without all the details (any Major AGAI, actual reasons etc..) it is hard to say where you stand on this. Understandable you do not want to put it all out on this forum so i would speak to your SSA and say you are no longer content for this to proceed without representation

    However if you have been a knob and this is blameworthy, unlucky and stop whinging :D
  6. No, you are entitled to a review by a superior officer to the deciding officer. However, if this was minor admin action then it being done under AGAI 67 is wrong. AGAI 67 (for minor admin action only) has been superceded by JSP 833. Major admin action can still be served under AGAI 67. Either way, you are entitles to make a 'Service Complaint' there is a JSP (can't remember which) refers. PM me if you want more info.
  7. Your right for redress through AGAI 70 remains. AGAI 70 is available through the search function on the British Army website.

    However, if you are being removed through AGAI 67 your unit must have appointed an Assisting Officer. He should be able to advise on all of this. You should read Annex A to AGAI 67 which explains the Duties of an Assisting Officer.
  8. Dont forget that minor action is about swift rehabilitation, a redress cannot be used to put any award on hold.

    If after a further review the award was not upheld it would be up to the CO to decide how to put it right.

    I would hope this isnt a load of tears of a couple of guard duties :)

    A good point from ADUX with regards to JSP 833 as minor admin action has finally gone tri service.
  9. For the benefit of an old un, is this AGAI 67 a new version of an AF252 Charge Sheet?
  10. Not so much of a charge but rather a telling off. If you want to put someone on show clean or picking up fag butts around camp you have to AGAI them these days.

    Complete fanny army we are now.
  11. Sort of like good old fashioned take the extras or go in front of the OC option then?
  12. Brilliant gents,

    Cheers for the help. Matter should soon be sorted.
    I even appreciate the 'man up' type comments - rest assured, this is not just a case of tears before bedtime.

    I would love to give more details, but can't be done on a public forum.

  13. I am no lawyer but....

    AGAI 67 (or JSP 880 or whatever) is not the fanny option at all. Except to those who can't grasp how to do it properly. It merely standardises and regulates all the old goodies in a set way. Ie extras, show parades, work parades etc. It includes (or can) remedial training too.

    It also provides a record of what has been awarded which thus provides a paper trail which can faciltate the awarding of 3 month warning orders or straight forward dismissal.

    The dismissal bit can be applied for because of the fairness of hte system... ie the accused has the option of redress, (quashing or reduction of the punishment) and the accuser has the option to go higher if needed. All punishments are also reviewed by the Sub-Unit Sgt Maj and others further up the chain to ensure all is well.

    But that sort of thing is just for fannies :roll: