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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Gunner_REMF, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. I know an individual who was an SSI and subsequently took an NRPS post. He was advised by his CAA that he could no longer hold the post of SSI and could infact no longer receive pay for his ACF "work". He carried on as (a CA on paper from Apr 2006 - present) for insurance purposes and accepted what he was told. It now appears (through his own research) that TA Regs Ch 6 para 6054A says that not only can he hold the post of SSI but also he can be paid so long as ACF duties do not interfere with NRPS duties (simple really). To add insult to injury it now appears that this individual can not be taken back on strength because all the vacancies for paid staff are full within the Company.

    Is there cause for Redress?
  2. from pamphlet ac14233: The Army Cadet Force Manual

    5.006. Regular Armed Forces and Regular Army Reserve. Serving members of the Regular Armed Forces may not be appointed as AI in the ACF. Members of the Regular Army Reserve may not be appointed as AI in the ACF without the consent in writing of the Army Personnel Centre.
  3. Exactly, NRPS is NON REGULAR PERMANENT STAFF therefore they are not, technichally, Regular Armed Forces.

    However, I know of one regular member of the Royal Navy who served for 3 years as an AI with the knowledge and blessing of all concerned and was paid for it.
  4. Just to close this thread, the bloke has been taken back on strength as an AI and is back "on the books". The moral of the story is: NRPS personnel can hold an AI post within the ACF (just in case this question ever crops up again)!