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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by goosebump, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. Am gonna submit redress but difficult to get info. Feels like puttin noses out of joint. Anyone know the rules. Have refused to sign so far. Not the first nor the last but feel I have grounds as factually incorrect. Any advice appreciated
  2. Am SSgt but have no experience in this field. Any help/advice welcome.
  3. Are you redressing it because it is going to affect your chances of promotion, or is it on principle?

    Either way, you need to pay a visit to the person who wrote it.
  4. Both really. written part does not give true reflection which would lead to no promotion. appreciate what you are saying but boss unapproachable. Principle mainly, not just pissed cos its misleading but genuinely believe it should be redressed. Feel officers are closing ranks, and need some good advice. I will have to sign eventually but am prepared to hold my own on this one. Anyone redressed CR in the past?
  5. The problem is that your opinion is irrelevant. A "true reflection" is your opinion of what should be written in order to lead to promotion, now if you have had comments made to you that are factually incorrect then you have adequate grounds to seek a redress, but as you claim you want to redress mainly on principle then I can only assume that you don't agree with the reporting officers' opinions, and this alone is not grounds for redress. Did you have a MTA/MYA/6 Monthly? If so what was written in it and did you action those points?

    If the remarks within your CR are factually incorrect, then you are entitled to have those remarks removed or reworded - but there are time limits on all of this and a specific procedure to go through. A comprehensive authority for all of it is AGAI (Vol 2?) Ch 70 and AA 1955 S180.

    A CR is notoriously difficult to redress, unless the grounds are blatantly apparent, and you may be better off submitting a representation, but without full knowledge of the complaint, I don't know which path I would choose
  6. do they really exist :?: :?: :?: :?:

    never had one in all my time serving.
  7. Exactly right, Sammy.

    You can only redress inaccurate facts in a CR - not opinions. If I write "X has not completed any of the major tasks delegated to him this year" and you completed 2 - I am wrong and you have grounds for complaint.

    If I write "X has not had a good year. Despite one or two successes, he has consistently failed to deliver...", you wouldn't, IMHO, have a chance of winning!

    Good point about the MYA too.

  8. There have become popular over the past 4 or 5 years, I never had one in my first 14 years or so.
  9. Goose,

    Your RAO will have the forms and references. It is over 3 years since I last dealt with one, and I am at home without access to the paperwork.

    You need another Officer or, at a pinch, a WO, to represent and advise you. Find one you can trust and ask for advice. They will have to read the paperwork first.

    If you did not receive a MYA, or the MYA did not detail your "defects" and give you an opportunity to improve, you have the advantage. I

    As both Sammy and I wrote earlier, you can only complain about incorrect facts - not opinions.

    Lastly, you have to decide what your preferred outcome is. Do you want the offending bit removed? Do you want a complete rewrite?

  10. In a 'worst case' scenario I suggest keeping a copy of the finished product, it may help you at a later date. All CR's & other pers data are accessible under DPA 98/FOI 2000 & anyone with a grievance can submit a request for disclosure. The days of F***ing you off are history:)

    BTW:-I once signed 'B0llox' (in protest) when asked to initial a CR in similar circumstances;no one noticed yet it appeared in disclosures received under DPA 98:)
  11. All very good advice. Also be aware that you cannot refuse to sign a CR - you sign it merely to acknowledge that you have seen it. You can then tick the 'Make a comment' box and press on with your redress, as outlined by Litotes (above).

    I particularly like the rejoinder to be perfectly sure what you are after here. A great deal can be done by just mentioning your concerns through the chain of command and they may meet you halfway, as it were.
  12. Under AGAI 70 any complaints or redress submissions must be submitted within 3 months of the occurrence. Here, that would be 3 months since being served the CR. You also will have to say what action you would like taken, ie specific comments changed or removed.
  13. Thanks all for your direction/advice on this matter. Come monday morning I will get the references mentioned. Understand what you mean with the question...what do I want to achieve? I want an accurate job description and some opinions altered or removed, but this may be more difficult.

    I believe that you can refuse to sign if facts are not correct. Is that true then?

    Again thanks all. Anyone else had any experiences with redressing CRs?
  14. This is another common CR myth. You are signing your CR to say that you have seen it, whether you agree with it or not an issue at the stage at which you sign to say you have seen it. If you do not sign your CR, then this can only operate to your material disadvantage when the time comes for you to redress or represent it, because if you have not seen it then on what grounds are you basing your complaint.
  15. If it is the 1st RO's opinions you are saying are factual incorrect then a representation should be suffice, however if it is the 2nd RO's opinions then Redress Of Complaint would be IMHO most advisable thing to do however that said, this is only my view. Above all the single most important factor that over rides everything is the the time window of 3 months from when you perceived you were wronged. The clock is already ticking!! Best of luck whatever the outcome.