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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by tillyoohoo, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. A soldier in my unit has submitted a redress to his CO, complaining about unfair treatment (and he has been very screwed over). Now, he did this about 17 days ago and so far nothing. On my advice he has had to go to his OC who is involved in the complaint but not the main bad guy and ask why he has not had any interview with his CO, why He has not been appointed a representing officer and wanted to know if APC Glasgow has been informed of the complaint. In the regulations contained in Chapter 70 and after reading the relevant pages It is to my understanding the unit only has 20 days to gather the evidence and come up with a solution to the soldiers redress before it could be sent to the next level, if redress is not to the satisfaction of the soldier. When this was mentioned the soldiers OC offered his services as representing officer and is only now trying to find another officer outside the soldiers Cof C

    Three questions

    1. Is this being done deliberately or just bad management?
    So far the only thing he is being told, by his OC. Is that he is stuffed and will not win, so give up now. He feels a closing of ranks already as he is being avoided

    2. Who can he go to for help outside the C of C without the need to visit a solicitor and without fear of a rollicking for going over the COs head, And before you mention the confidential support line, I already have said that to him, and his reply was as useful as t*ts on fish. His CO is very good palls with the OC and the other culprits who are all crusty LEs.

    3. Is this one of many examples of the need for a representing body completely outside the Chain Of Command?
  2. I'd suggest a call to the confidential support helpline-they are pretty clued up on these things
  3. Ref 2nd question.

    He did and he told me they were not helpful other then advising him that he will need the help of a solicitor. The point being why should he need too. Why is there no other lines in the Redress manual for the soldier to approach high formations without fear of reprisals when such things go wrong? In the end, the confidential support helplines are only just an ear, as they have no power to intervene on behalf of the aggrieved.
  4. the 20 day thing is a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. however, there is a statement in AGAI 70 about unnecessary delay - something along the lines of "whilst there are sometimes good reasons why a complain may be delayed, delay through negligence is unacceptable".

    i would suggest your man writes a polite formal letter to the CO, asking for the appointment of an assisting officer from outside the CoC, and an update on the progress of the investigation into his complaint. paper records are vital, particularly at this early stage.

    the OC etc closing ranks and applying pressure for you to drop it - take it as read that this will happen. human nature.

    outside the CoC, he can approach G1 (Discipline) at his formation headquarters for advice (NOT Army Legal). an informal phone call for advice need not result in sh*t coming back down the chain from his CO. If the redress is not resolved to his satisfaction, he has the right for it to be considered at Formation level, and even the Army Board if necessary.

    from what little you've said, it seems possible that they are hoping it will just blow over. as long as he has lodged his redress properly (as per AGAI 70) then he is the only person who can stop it. the CO can ignore him / the complaint all he wants, it won't go away.

    has he got an acknowledgement it was received in the first place? is there any PAPER record to show that he lodged a redress?

    if you prefer to PM details then feel free.

    p.s. assisting officer doesn't have to be an officer. can be a SNCO or WO if soldier prefers.
  5. 1. Has your colleague read AGAI 70? That details what should happen.
    2. The time to ask an Officer/WO or SNCO to help is at the drafting stage of the written complaint. One could argue that it is already too late by then (it should have been resolved before then) but like someone wrote - this is human nature.
    3. I do not have AGAI 70 to hand and am too busy to investigate (this is my coffee break!) but he should only remind the CO at the expiry of the initial period of notice, IMHO.
    4. The CO has to deal with the complaint, to the complainant's satisfaction, and notify the CoC.

  6. yep I asked him about the receipt and acknowledgement of the redress. He is at an E post and sent it via recorded delivery. when he asked his OC about this, His OC replied yes he has had it as he faxed a copy of the complaint to the OC. That is not the same as sending an acknowledgement to the soldier who made the complaint? His OC only mentioned this fax after the soldier having to chase it up.

    You mentioned that he can go outside the CoC and approach G1 (Discipline) at his formation headquarters for advice, Why is this not mentioned in AGAI 70 ? Easy thing to call such people for a SNCO or officer who has been in for a few years, but not so easy for an inexperienced soldier or in other words small fish in the unit pond.

    I have seen this before but it was girl, she did suffer during and after for making a complaint. :cry:
  7. it's one of those things you don't find out till it's too late. i had no idea i could have taken advice from G1 before putting in a redress, only found out when they actually started investigating it! i spoke to Army legal, they sent me to RAF Legal, nobody ever mentioned G1. which theatre is your lad in, by the way?

    as for acknowledgement - i was thinking more along the lines of "yes Pte Fuknuts, i have received your redress and will treat it with the contempt it deserves by ignoring you for a few weeks and hoping you shut the f*ck up about it. love from the CO."

    maybe if you PM what he's actually had done it might take some of the guesswork away. main point in the complaints procedure is redress - you can moan all you want, but what do you want them to DO about it. no corrective action possible = no complaint.
  8. And this is the point. why could AGAI 70 not mention this? I cannot be that hard to print. why is it a soldier only learns this weeks, months and in some cases years after the complaint is still being miss managed.

    I personally cannot give the soldiers details of his complaint as it would not be my place to do so. He just asked me for some advice and I did not have a clue after what I had told him. but thanks for the advice :)