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Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by robbo9, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. hello, i failed the eyesight test due to colour blindness, however as i knew i was colour blind, i tried to 'blag' the test, only to find out i made it worse, im only very slightly colour blind, and would like to know if you can redo the eyesight tests?
  2. How can anyone be "slightly" colour blind? You either know blue is blue or red is red or you don't. Simple..

    "Cut the blue wire"

    "This blue wire?"

    "That's a bit of green string mate, you've failed".
  3. LMAO!

    at the threastarter i suggest you try to get it corrected unless it also impairs your visional capabilities (which it obviously has done).
  4. how do you correct colour blindness?????
  5. You haven't read that link you provided, have you? :slow:
  6. Robbo,

    I am not a doctor but being colour blind in the Forces is a no-no, AFAIK. You would be a risk to both yourself and others throughout your career, and you would not be able to distinguish the fine details of a vehicle or soldier hiding in a wood or an urban environment, let alone monitor warning lights on an equipment.

    I am willing to be proved wrong, but I think that will be the consensus.

    You can probably appeal, but talk to the ACIO first.

  7. now, lets clear this up a little

    did you fail the eyesight test? in that you found it difficult to read the letters on the white board.


    did you fail the colour perception test? did they show you a book with pictures in it, that represented a series of numbers.

    CP2 - normal colour perception
    CP3 - colour blind - mild, usually an individual cannot differentiate between brown and green.
    CP4 - severe colour blindness

    obviously there are certain trades that you cannot apply to join if you have CP 3 or 4
  8. lol ooops...

    I thought it could be corrected by surgery... guess not.
  9. if you couldnt read the letters the first time, how will you read it the second?
  10. ^lol true
  11. What letters, Doctor? And where's the white board?


    Sorry... it will be time for my morning medication soon...
  12. does anyone know what the cp level is for the rac? thanks in advance for any replies.
  13. CP2 Normal colour perception - but i'll double check on wednesday for you, when i'm back at work