Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. I do - Forgive me for I have sinned

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  2. Any hole's a goal

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  3. Red hair, milky skin, violent temper and rumours about "twiglets" - I stay well aw

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  1. I am a bad man - I have a little bit of a redhead obsession... I understand that this is unhealthy... Does anyone else want to own up to be afflicted? Any ideas on how to stop, or do I give up now and slash my wrists?
  2. Time to come out. Me too. Oh the shame... :cry:
  3. Me too.

    4 hail Marys should cover it though!!!
  4. I'm glad it's not just me. Surely they're not marriage material though, imagine if you had a ginger kid? Female redhead is fine... but what about the male ones!!! Any female arrsers want to admit to a thing for the male redheads? (eg. carrottops)

    editted for spelling mongness... thinking about redheads has got me all excited
  5. Red head , she was great - shame her dad was a CSgt in the PARAS.

    Skin like milk, nipples like cherries, bits as smooth as a baby but a temper like Satans fury.

    Gald I never married her but what a time.
  6. There's nowt wrong with having a penchant for redheads. Secretly, a lot of men do. You're all just too afraid to admit it! :wink:

    I have had all hair colours at some point and the attention you get for having long red hair is fantastic!

    I owe it to my viking family and it is a defining characteristic of who I am. No, not smelling of wee or radioactive ! (Trust me, we've heard it all before :lol: )

    Although it is a dream of mine to create my own red-headed army of mini-JEMs, unfortunately, I am not that attracted to the red-headed male of the species. However, as it is a well known fact that a large proportion of blokes have ginger beards, so onwards and upwards!!
  7. Having said that exceptions can always be made! - ie Damien Lewis

  8. ...Me too.....very sexy...........but oh so wrong!!
    (i believe the smell in question is foxes urine/digestive bicuits!!)
  9. having a thing for / going out with a true redhead is nothing to be ashamed of. auburn...mmm as in gillian anderson / scully from x-files. its the bright gwar that you should have a problem with!

  10. Hey, digestive biscuits are GORGEOUS! Especially dunked in tea, which is also gorgeous!
  11. Hey, digestive biscuits are GORGEOUS! Especially dunked in tea, which is also gorgeous!
  12. So if I go out with a cup of tea and ask if I can dip Miss Redhead I'll pull?????

    Having said that a cup of tea is a must whatever the hair colour. Nice way to prepare, keeps you awake during and then a good wind down from exercise :)
  13. Mine's a milk no sugar then!
  14. That was easy!!!!! I'll see you lot later...!!!! (in about 2mins with a grin on my face :p)
  15. 2 minutes!

    Why, it'll be stewed by then! :wink:

    Never underestimate the power of tea! It's a beautiful thing!