Redcoats versus modern Septic marines

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bugsy, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. There's quite an interesting discussion on this over on the board at the moment.

    The argument is that 100 Septic marines, with just the ammo and other equipment they can lug, could go back in time and defeat the British Army (apparently there were something like 112,000 of them there) in the Septic Uprising that led to independence.

    Anybody like to join in, or give me a few arguments I can lob into the mix?

  2. They carry 1120 bullets each as standard load - what's that? 37 magazines? A kill (or enough) with every hit, easy. And, of course, a Yank marine never, ever misses and none of them are going to get killed, trip over their bootlaces, or break down weeping because there's no Tabasco in their MREs before they have used each and every round they carry.

    Hmm, I'd leave them to their delusions.
  3. with the septics tactics of spray and pray, i'm betting they'd be out of ammo well before they could slot 112,000 of our lot.

    Also our lads weren't stupid, they had artillery and knew how to dig trenches and build brestworks so they could quite happily sit there dug in, lobbing 8lb cannon balls at the strange haircutted meat headed brain dead tools who were busy turning rounds into brass.
  4. No.


    He'll run the bastards through with his sabre.
  5. Simple answer is no, not if they carry what they take.
    I like how 4th post down it "deviates" from who would win in a scrap today....o_O
  6. Yeah, I noticed that too, Cal. I intend addressing it when the OP gets back on the thread. Should be fun!

  7. Yep that's right. No dramas.

    Just mention Mogadishu and Black Hawk down to them. I know it wasn't marines but...

    The Somalians weren't trained soldiers, had shit equipment and re-supply and still saw off 140 well trained soldiers, dragging some of the dead through the streets. IIRC they were saved by the Pakistanis!
  8. And thats probably the point at which bugsy will get banned.
  9. Yeh but think of the fun...
  10. Or, if you want it look at it another way, a couple of Apache aren't going to rout 112,000 soldiers. It wouldn't do it to us and, recent adventures included, we're probably not as tough or as used to seeing our mates blown apart as some of our predecessors.

    How many marines does it take to keep a couple of helo's in the air? You've a goodly percentage of your 100 bodies off the rifleman orbat for every twirly rotored beast.
  11. Hello Bugsy,

    someone (the U.S. Army if I recall correctly) worked out that the Americans expended 200,000 rounds of 5.56mm for every kill in Vietnam.
    On that basis,100 marines would need to carry 2,000 rounds each to get one kill,or 224,000,000 rounds each to wipe out all of the red coats.
    As each 5.56mm round weighs about 10 grammes,that would come to 2,240,000 kg or 2,240 tonnes of ammunition per man.
    Which is a lot more than they can carry.

    Have fun with them.

  12. How about all those troops Vs 2 Main Battle Tanks?

    The Plot Thickens :roll:
  13. And there was me thinking this was a discussion about a hypothetical battle between the staff of Butlin's and the US Army. I'd definately want to see that!
  14. This takes me back to reading commando comics about a british cold war chieften vs WW2 tigers.