Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, Jan 8, 2004.

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  1. Sorry - but is there a military advisor for Redcap? I was too busy cringing behind the couch to see the titles at the end.

    Do police people get embarrassed when they watch The Bill?

    "What have you got in here? A chieftain tank?" made me hide - especially when he carried both bergans to the helicopter.

    Is it any wonder BB has the wrong idea of squaddies????
  2. in the credits it did say "with FULL support and assistance from the British Army"

    if Tasmin can help the army to recruit more i don't see them complaining :lol:
  3. Well we did have some input on the obvious bits! :lol:
  4. They haven't got my FULL support.
  5. Come on Dale - it's a drama and I'm sure doctors cringe at casualty! Stop cringing and just enjoy the TV, or better still go down the pub when it's on!
  6. Theres always someone sensible.........
  7. I'll see ya at the pub then!
  8. You're round.

    Yes - the english is correct.
  9. You rang?
  10. Enough about my waist line thanks Dale, but I'll buy - beers all round??
  11. Bugger, last orders.
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Apparantly there are two RMP WO's (1 & 2) giving military advice.

    They obvioulsy didnt spot the fact a WO would never carry a bird Sgt's Bergan to the outbound helicopter!
  13. Even if she is blonde and skinny - as if there are birds like that in the army!!!

    I ask you.

    (I would have got a boy to carry mine)
  14. Yep, spend most of the episodes cringing especially now that they concentrate on the "soap opera" side of the plot rather than the police procedure side.

    My Paramedic partner will not watch Casualty and my doctor father refuses to watch Holby City as well as a matter of fact.

    The only decent TV series about the Old Bill was that rather dark series "The Cops" on BBC 2 a few years ago. (you know the one where the WPC's were snorting coke in a night club toilet an hour before early turn, aah the days of youth)