Did anybody see the Redcap programme?

Wasn't Tamzin Outhwaite great.  Not only can she check serial numbers on the ovens in the cookhouse, she also solves murders.

I wonder who will be writing her CR for this reporting period?
Dont believe everything you hear bluenugget, I knew one medic who was bi
Whats the score with the cooks and medics ??? ??? Have I missed something here ;D Do I require a picture.

:) ;DSlops and Scab Lifters?????? Youve lost me.....please explain ;D
It looks as though everybody agrees that the Monkeys can do everybody else's job and don't neccessarily have to be uphill gardeners to qualify.

Surely this is a case for RMP being paid the higher rate.
Probably totally unrelated to the above discussion, but nonetheless possibly worth thinking about.
Redcap.  Which part of the male anatomy has a "redcap"?
See a pattern emerging?  Spooky almost when you think about it.
SO what other celebs would you all like to see at a barracks near you?
sod that they´ll do you for self inflicted abh
An interesting concept Trog even post HRA. Given your obvious sound understanding of OAPA, could you please point me in the right direction of this small piece of legislation as I believe that I could take out some fairly senior people if what you are saying is true.

I just hope to god you have not got pics of the deadly deeds! Best evidence and all that - but there are limits!


Has anyone seen it? - Is it a fair portrayl, or what has ended up on the cutting room floor?
On the AGC thread it could be quiet because they're just a bit preoccupied with practising reverse arms and the slow march just now?

As sudden aspiration to become a media critic perhaps, surely not an attempt to social engineer your way into a Corps that has taken some recent casualties in Iraq :!:

Fishing permit required here

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