Redcap 6 - Families to take fight to Europe

I wish them the very best.

The Government is ultimately to blame and despite their best efforts at hiding their failings, I am hoping the European Courts will drag them to the dock to answer the many questions we all have for them.

Link (I hope):

Sunderland News

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Duty-free store detective became Heathrow security chief - and she lives with airport boss
By JASON LEWIS - More by this author » Last updated at 00:02am on 30th March 2008

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The woman in charge of security at Heathrow - Britain's biggest single terrorist target - was a store detective at the airport's duty-free shops just six years ago.

Donna Boote, 37, is now not only in charge of thousands of security staff, but also shares a £1.2million home with Heathrow's managing director Mark Bullock - the man with overall responsibility for last week's disastrous opening of Terminal 5.

Yesterday, the airport's authorities refused to answer questions about the couple's relationship - including whether they are married - or confirm any details of Ms Boote's career path.
Think you've got the wrong link there.
EDIT: You've got it now.

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