REDC Postings for FTR ACR

Hey guys, was hoping to get some answers out of the fountian of knowledge that is the RE coal face.

I've been trying to put in my posting prefs on JPA but I'm after DCRE posts in RAF bases. My Clerks are about as much use as a bacon butty at a muslim wedding. what I'm after are the search parameters to put in JPA.

Any help will be appreciated.

Cheers guys and gulls.
I think you have to put down the area i.e. midlands and then put the relevant RAF station in the remarks box - Thats what I've done any way :)

Use the other box, and then fill in the Stations required in the notes. Send a letter direct to your desk with your preferences’ or get your COC to call Glasgow and get a direct answer. Keep on at anybody who will listen, take it from me there are very few people who practice real career management it’s all about crisis management.
Make sure you are covered in on any emails to Glasgow about your requests for a preference. This can be use as proof people are working for you. In the end the best career management is done by yourself! Do your homework and find out when postings are coming up and pitch at these jobs.

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