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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PrinceAlbert, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. WHY?!?!?!! AAAAAAAAAAARGHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    WHO CARES!!!!!!

    Application - Done.
    BARB - Passed.
    Basic Skills - Passed.
    Written Medical - Cleared.
    Interview 14/05/09 - Passed.
    ADSC - 19/05/09 - Passed Grade B.
    Chosen Man - 08/06/09.
    ITC Catterick - 23rd August.

    Chosen Regiment - The Rifles.
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

  3. Yeah, how dare they express a bit of excitement, interest and pride in their chosen careers!
  4. Exactly!!
  5. Shall we do an Old'n' Bold one ?? Time served, courses passed, gongs issued etc just to give them something to aspire to ??
  6. I think I'll do mine.

    Bus pass-passed

    OAP Selection-Passed

    Chosen Regiment-Lollypop Person (still waiting joining instructions)
  7. Go on then - you start!

    Then let the Crabs loose!!
  8. now THAT I like, I fear it would breed a new type of Walt Hunter though ;)
  9. In the time it would take to write it , that poor young wannabe squaddy would be due to retire having done his 22
  10. Application - Yup
    BARB - naturally
    Basic Skills - Eh??
    Written Medical - I assume so?
    Interview sometime in 1994 - Don't recall ever being given a mark?
    ADSC - 1994 - Bluffed
    Chosen Man - WTF?
    Pirbright - 1994
    Chosen Regiment - 1 UK Civ Div
    Driving Licence - Yup, full, clean, with C+E
    Age - 32
    Gongs - more than some, less than others
    LS&GC - Hahahahah!! No chance!!
    Lost virginity - Indeed
    Brown wings - Of course!
  11. Here we go:

    Sperm sample - jaffa.
    Urine sample - bright yellow.
    Stool sample - in skiddies.
    Intake - RAOC 007
    Regtl No - 247knifeforkandspoon.
    Interview - polenty, no coffee.
    Chosen regt - SAS.
    Actual Regt - RAOC
    Chosen trade - Airman.
    Actual trade - Baker.
    Decorations - cake and arse.
    Medals - General Sloppy Medal.
    Higehest Rank held - Lance Slop Jockey (2 weeks in 1954 then bust).
    Lowest Rank held - RAF WO Trolley Dolly.
    Best book read - 252
  12. Besides, most of my service is a drunken haze anyway. Who wants to read:

    1988 Infantry recruit training

    1988-1994 err...

    1994 PVR
  13. Whats all that about?
  14. Mine go's

    Sep 1966 signed up
    1967-1968 JLR RAC effin torture no child abuse then
    Had bad dreams about Flying, Falling and people trying to kill me
    !978 came to in budist monastry in Napal for short time
    1984 some old bloke told me I could go home and be STAB

    Yer thats about it
  15. Sperm sample - donated most nights
    Urine sample - smells of weetabix
    Stool sample - no stools - I have a nice chair though
    Intake - somewhere in the 70's
    Regtl No - XXXVIII
    Interview - was there one?
    Chosen Corps - RCT (what was I thinking?)
    Actual Corps - Int (what was I thinking?)
    Chosen trade - chariot driver
    Actual trade - spooky docs checker
    Decorations - every Christmas in the Mess (with beer)
    Medals - too many to polish
    Higehest Rank held - Local LCpl (unwanted, unpaid and bust)
    Lowest Rank held - cadet with an attitude
    Best book read - AFG 1157