Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, May 13, 2005.

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  1. I , myself , am a chateau neuf du pape man , any body else prepared to battle it out with me and tell me/point me in another direction towards another, possibly , better wine ? ........I doubt it indeed, after all the chateau neuf du pape is a right touch.
  2. Eastern European or Chilean mate, higher percentage generally, kind of makes you float, sod the taste.
  3. alright carpets, how's you?

    I must say mate i have never found a better bottle of red than the pape's. It is by far the superior wine and you can't beat it. Last one i had was a 1984 vintage that cost me £45 ish but it went down a right treat. If you want to know of a place to get a good vintage from then PM me m8.
  4. Eastern european ? I find that hard to believe !
    Do they sell it in Tesco's?
    Got to be worth a try.
    Cheers mate.
  5. Christ no, Tesco don't carry such fine wine. I get it from Netto.

    Try Bulgarian, you can get up to 14.5% and it gives you a free arrse splash the next morning.

    What part of the corps is this relevant to......sgt's mess wine tasting night????
  7. Well done blagger you passed my little test well.
    'Tis only the uncooth that would dare enter that place of the weird and the afflicted known to us all as Tesco's........
  8. carpetsfm7sr94champs started it, I just thought he was bored.
  9. only saw the wine on the way past looking for the white lightning cider in brown paper bags!! For a moment then carpets you sounded him somebody!!
  10. no rugby club wine tasting to be frank.

    Must agree with you carpets we never had that red that evening but your taste is very dry with a nice kick

    must organise another one shortly do you fancy it
  11. Gevrey Chambertin if you like a full body, Charmes Chambertin if you prefer a something a touch more subtle
  12. Never heard of them, take it they are married?
  13. AAHH Raddish my old boy ! How the devil ? Yes lets do that thing, i knew /hoping you would crop up at some point.
    get it sorted son on a friday would be good possibly a bbq etc..
    With of course lots of ugly women aahh yes ...i fukkin loves it...
  14. What do you all think would be the perfect food to compliment the said beverage?