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Discussion in 'REME' started by Army_Rizzle, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Whos done it, what does it involve? And what is Exercise Dawn Run?
  2. If you're junior, get amongst it. Wide exposure to a lot of equipment in constant use, the majority of it the GMC Sierra 4x4 but right up to heavy Armour, hard work but some great down time in Canada when you can get it.

    Dawn Run is the dry run training exercise for the season's (or first half anyway) safety staff.
  3. Cheers, What does it involve though. Ive done range safety in the Falklands, but that was all dismounted, just making arcs with fingers over peoples heads.
  4. I did the Red Top Tiffy job a few years ago and had great fun. It's hard work and involves long hours when the BG are on the ground, but a really good craic inbetween large bouts of bordom. We had 5 crews on the ground in L/Rovers and a 4 T. The L/Rovers went with different safety gps all over the prairie while the 4 T normally went to a central location where we would all meet for the night if it was going to be a late one. The 4 T had a pull out BBQ fitted so we used to grab loads of fresh meat from the cookhouse on the way out in the morning and Barby up at night before retiring to our luxury accom on the back of the truck.
    Anyway, it was really good fun if busy at times. The boredom bit comes from having to sit around in the middle of the prairie waiting for something to go wrong so that you can leap into action like a leaping thing to get if fixed and back on the road. The guys did there own thing and just kept me in the picture so i could keep the bosses off our back. We rotated the guys round the crews which consisted of the crews on the ground and a couple of shifts back in camp including a night shift. The crews out on the ground were normally the first ones on the ground and the last ones back into camp at night. During the HO/TO of BGs most of the guys got away for a few days, but we always had to have cover available to work.
    All in all, one of the best jobs i have done.
  5. For you it will involve exchanging covies and having the inability to identify 99% of the ET/STTE items in your store on a different continent.
  6. LMFAO....G1098....situation "no change".
  7. 77c in 1990, bloody brilliant time, treated like an adult. tasked with keeping all the range safety radios working, toolbox transferred to parka pockets, +30c to -30c. I do remember we were out on the ground working our tits off (77 were VM's reccy mechs a VE and me tels) we finished parked up and went into sleep mode. we missed a brigs visit as he saw us all sleeping and said don't wake them must be doing a good job!!!
    only downside was the life guards CO being a complete tube on med man 7, which turned out to be a pre granby training run, FRG fixed 2 sqns worth of tanks that they had screwed and they got a bollocking for being scruffy ie deputy dawg hats and parkas!!

    highly recommended brilliant summer one of the highlights of a 22 career
  8. You realy do come across as being bitter and twisted. Something not going right in your life at the moment?
  9. All good here Norm, many happy returns.

    Maybe I shouldn't rip you for being TSS but you seem to be the only one on here to raise his head above the parapet/knows how to use the internet to some degree.

    Personally I'm a big fan of having your trade in the REME, for the same reasons that I think it's a good thing that we have the Blue Rockets in the cookhouse. Care in the community is the charitable thing to do and charity begins at home.

    Only the other day I had to stop our very own speshul little soldier locking all the rags in his store in order to, and I quote "Stop them all going missing.", mine looks a bit Downy too and I'm pretty sure he possesses mong strength, so I do try not to get him too riled, as I don't want to have to get the vet out to tranquilise him should he get a bit excited.
  10. I class myself as an intelligent person, I didnt fail anything, TSS was my first choice, many reasons behind it that I shall not divulge over the internet.

    After 4 years of doing this job I'm just starting to get realy bored of the seamingly endless barage of "Oh your TSS, you must be stupid and not capable of doing anything else comments"

    I would just like to be able to ask a question on here without stupid comments once in a while.

    /rant over

    (And go easy on him, for he probably doesnt know any better ;) )
  11. Hmm,

    realy - really
    seamingly - seemingly
    barage - barrage
    didnt - didn't

    Capital I for internet.

    I am realy sorry, I'm obviously not good enough for the army, I shall go to the dark corner of camp and hang myself.

  12. Use lockwire, it's the silver stringy stuff on a reel.
  13. Nothing realy, was just thoughts I was having. I've got a busy 18 months now with canada n afghan so may entertain the idea after that.