Red Squirrel: Get Well Soon

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by fagbrew, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. On the day of Crimbo standown, Red Squirrel, whilst on his motorcycle en-route to his Sect, got clipped a car. As a result, he's gone all a bit Barry Sheen with a leg injury that will put him out of action for a while.

    In order to stop him falling into the murky world of daytime TV devotion, or excessive pie eating, it might be a good idea to keep his attention focussed on the glorious arrse by way of wishing him well and stuff..maybe some useful top-tips such as 'Crutches and escalators: The do's and don'ts' or 'Plaster-casts-get that itch'. Or even we could organise Jimmy Saville or Shakin Stevens to pay him a visit...

    A source has informed me that he has actually exploited his time under the steadfast care of the NHS, by defying his restraining order which bans him from falling over and shouting NURSE!, anywhere within 100m of female medical professionals. More worringly is that it is also alleged that he was also given unsupervised access to surgical gloves....

    Get well soon Big Lad . :D :D :D
  2. Aye, get well soon son! Don't eat all the pies, you can't do any phys and that's my job! :D :D :D :D :D :D
  3. Have a speedy recovery mate and we'll get to see you soon in the new year.

    Buy a car!
  4. Red Squirrel sorry to hear about the accident. The thoughts of the Bn are with you. Wishing you a speedy recovery. When you are told you should emulate the RSM in all things, people didn't mean you had to be so extreme.

    Get well soon.
  5. Aye, get well soon, Rock Buddy!

  6. Get well soon mate, hope the Zep CD's are still working after the 6 month work out I gave them!

    Let us know if you need owt.
  7. Take it easy number one big fellah.

    Will see you in the new year when, McArthur like, I return.
  8. And another point I would like to make pi$$ed as I maybe.

    As I recall Tufty was a red squirrel and he was so good at road safety that he had his own club, of which I was a member, with a badge, the green cross code and everything.

    Now I am not sure what the relationship is between our own Sciurus vulgaris and Tufty, but I reckon a few 'I told you so's' are being directed towards the seaside reserve and a free copy of the green cross code as well I wager.

    Think once, think twice, think bike.

    And a happy New Year.
  9. Hello all, I'm not dead... Thank you all for your kind words. I feel totally humbled by the messages of support and sympathy that have yet to be forthcoming but which I feel certain are on the way. For those of you considering sending flowers or cards, can I just have the money instead? Ta.

    And for those who enjoy the irony, I bought the Harley to slow down ride safer and, hopefully, live a little longer. There's a lesson in there somewhere...Happy new year!
  10. Best buy a Hyabusa?? then!
  11. redsquirrel, glad you're ok blah blah. what was the damage to the car you carelessly drove into, you selfish twat? :)
  12. A Harley? Fcuking asking for it, in that case. Get on a proper V-twin at once.

    Glad you're OK, though - don't claim on the insurance, though, best keep my renewal costs down, eh?
  13. I hope you made a mess of the car!

    Get well soon!
  14. The car is a write off, so I'm told as I hit the driver's door despite my best efforts to aim for the bonnet, sadly. But at least I was awarded 9.6 overall for the dive over the roof. Not all bad news, then...
  15. Ouch!