Red Sea Pedestrians Whine Again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. At least when they have a sense of humour failure no-one gets blown up, but they really DO seem to believe they are gods' chosen people and therefore immune to any form of criticism.

  2. Every British newspaper shies away from publishing anti Muslim cartoons but anti Semitic ones are OK.Double standards or what?.
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  3. You could substitute one race (or religion), disability, sex, or any one of the other 'isms for the above and the result would be the same. Every group will try and portray itself in the best possible light and try and hide it's foibles. Which ignores the fact that in every group of humans there will be cnuts.

    On the plus side the cartoon did get published (and be damned)! Well done The Thunderer.
  4. The (what can I call them? Jews? Zionists? What's politically correct today?) don't usually blow things up when they get pissed off, they just wheel out the Holocaust and discreetly withdraw money or influence.

    Neither Israel not Islaam should be immune to satire and piss-taking.
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  5. Why do people bother listening to their whining? It's freedom of expression if they're truly the great democracy defending western values against the evil Islamic hordes they portray themselves as they'd be relaxed about it. Maybe the Israelis get wound up as deep down they know that a lot of the time they're bullying thieving pricks.

    While neither side is whiter than white I think most of our major security issues stem from the US giving it's unqualified support to Israel even when they are behaving in ways no one else would get away with. If this wasn't the case the AQ and similar groups' message wouldn't have such a receptive audience, on a similar note backing the Saudi regime with it's policy of spreading Wahhabism is a really bad idea.
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  6. Can we have some Scarfe cartoons of cassock raising Roman Cardinals hanging out of small boys' arses, no-one can object to that!
  7. Erm... surely that's anti-Israel cartoon, not an anti-Semitic one.
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  8. I believe one type of cartoon will bring riots, firebombs and general death & destruction. The other will bring out just whiney old bigots playing the holocaust card over and over . . .

    I'm sure if press editors started getting physically attacked or their premises repeatidely burn down by ultra-orthodox jews, then I suspect they might think twice before printing anti-jewish jokes? I'd also wager that the Scientologist inside documentaries would slow up a bit if the hoarding hubbard followers started slaughtering journo's or if John Sweeney was found beheaded with the cross carved into his bloody corpse.

    Some of the followers have got it spot-on; the message is 'Direspect islam at your own peril' and scarily it works. The other religions are easy targets to pick-on because there's no come-back except some bad press or a few sympathetic politicians jumping on the bandwagon. You just need everyone to be brave enough to publish what they like without fear of reprisal and it may change attitudes.

    The same thing as far as the jews are concerned. Anti-semitic is more emotive and resurrects visions of Nazi persecution rather than them persecuting the Palestinians
  9. Jews are extremely sensitive to images of Jews mutilating corpses, eating corpses etc. This dates from Europeran anti-semitic history, when the 'blood libel' that Jews devoured the blood of Christian children was used as an excuse for blood-letting. The image of the Jew eating or mutilating corpses was a staple of German propaganda, as it was of Euro-Christian propaganda and now is of Mohammedan propaganda.

    So when Scarfe draws a Jew building a wall using Palestinian corpses, or when Martin Rowson draws Ariel Sharon devouring a baby, they are deliberately striking at an ancient wound in order to provoke precisely the response which they then denounce as excessive. In terms of provoking a reaction, cartoons which reference the 'blood libel' are roughly equivalent to drawing an image of Mohammed ******* a pig.
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  10. How very dare you!

    Four reasons why U.K. cartoon of Netanyahu isn't anti-Semitic in any way
    Netanyahu's depiction is grossly offensive and unfair but that is only par for the course for any politician when cartoonist Scarfe is at his drawing-board.
    By Anshel Pfeffer | Jan.28, 2013 | 3:48 PM | 97

    A cartoon that appeared in this London's Sunday Times this week depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu building a wall with blood-red colored cement, trapping in between the bricks Palestinian-looking figures, is causing the latest is-it-or-is-it-not-anti-Semitism furor.

    The usual suspects have all weighed in: the Anti-Defamation League, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and Israel's ambassador to the United Kingdom, clamoring for the venerable cartoonist Gerald Scarfe's head and asking how the pro-Israel Sunday Time's proprietor, Rupert Murdoch, could allow such a travesty.

    The accusation is straightforward enough. Scarfe's drawing is classic anti-Semitism using typical motifs of Judeophobia, and is doubly hateful for having appeared on international Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    It is hard to argue that 68 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, the hatred of Jews has disappeared from the civilized nations of western Europe, but there are more than enough real manifestations of racism and xenophobia, directed at Jews and other religious and ethnic groups in Britain and the rest of the continent, for us to be spending our efforts confronting. Pillorying Scarfe and his cartoon cheapens a noble cause, as this was not anti-Semitic by any standard. Here are four reasons why.

    1. It is not directed at Jews: There is absolutely nothing in the cartoon which identifies its subject as a Jew. No Star of David or kippa, and though some commentators have claimed Netanyahu's nose in the cartoon is over-sized, at most this is in line with Scarfe's style (and that of cartoonists) of slightly exaggerating physical features. Jew-noses are prevalent in truly anti-Semitic cartoons that routinely appear in Arab newspapers - you can find them easily on the web. They are big, bulbous and hooked snouts, and look nothing like Netanyahu's nose a-la-Scarfe. Furthermore, Netanyahu is an Israeli politician who was just elected by a quarter of Israeli voters, not a Jewish symbol or a global representative of the Jews.

    2. It does not use Holocaust imagery: It has become generally accepted - justifiably I think - that comparing Israel's leaders and policies to those of the Third Reich is borderline, if not full-on anti-Semitism. Not only because there is no comparable genocide in human history, but because choosing it to describe the actions of the Jewish state is a nasty slur identifying Israelis as the successors of the Holocaust's victims turned into perpetrators of a second Holocaust. But there is nothing in Scarfe's cartoon that can put the Holocaust in mind. Perhaps someone thinks that the wall should remind us of the ghetto, but don't forget, Scarfe is the original designer of Pink Floyd's The Wall. Should the Sunday Times have not published the cartoon on International Holocaust Memorial Day? Only if one believes that is a day in which Israeli politicians have immunity from being caricatured. Such a belief would certainly cheapen the memory of the Shoah. The Sunday Times, as it names indicates, appears only on Sundays and this was the end of elections week in Israel - when else did you expect them to feature a cartoon of Netanyahu?

    3. There was no discrimination: If Gerald Scarfe had been a benign and gentle artist, treating the subjects of his cartoons with due respect and reverence, sharpening his pencil only on Israeli and Jewish figures, there would be grounds here for assuming he was tainted by the most ancient of hatreds. Anyone who has had even a casual glance at Scarfe's oeuvre of over half a century knows that is not the case. Netanyahu's depiction is grossly offensive and unfair, but that is only par for the course for any politician when Scarfe is at his drawing-board. Scarfe has spent his entire career viciously lampooning the high and mighty - Netanyahu is in illustrious company.

    4. This is not what a blood libel looks like: Some have claimed that the blood-red cement Netanyahu is using in the cartoon to build his wall indicates a blood libel motif. Well of course it's blood but is anyone seriously demanding that no cartoon reference to Israeli or Jewish figures can contain a red fluid? The classic European blood libel, like many other classic European creations, had a strict set of images which must always contain a cherubic gentile child sacrificed by those perfidious Jews, his blood to be used for ritual purposes. It was a direct continuation of the Christ-killer myth. Scarfe's cartoon has blood-cement but no blood libel components - it almost seems he was careful not to include any small children among his Palestinian figures (one of the eight is arguably an adolescent) so as not to have any sort of libel scenery. The blood libel was a terrible feature of Jewish life in Europe up until the beginning of the 20th century, and the myth still occasionally emerges from between the cracks in some East European backwaters to this day. To ascribe Scarfe's cartoon with any of its features distorts another chapter of Jewish history.

    Follow me on twitter @AnshelPfeffer
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  11. View attachment 107857

    That's because they don't own the media. When Israel starts playing up enough for even the brainwashed west to notice, it just rolls out some more holocaust stories/films in it's controlled media.

    Bottom line is that jews are as racist as any nazi they ever faced. We are goyim, or "gentiles" if they want to be polite, and most definitely not part of their world as they see it.
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  14. Always nice to know the current thinking at Stormfront.
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