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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Japster, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Can any informed individual tell me about the wearing of the red sash by SNCO`s on no 2 dress? Is it for inf types only or is it for Drill Instructors as well?

  2. Infantry, though some regiments (RGJ - I think) don't wear them. Normally worn over the right shoulder though the old SCLI wore them officer fashion over the left shoulder, don't know if the LI continued that tradition.
  3. Royal Signals wear blue sashes for some daft reason. It matches the chip on their shoulder quite well.
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  4. Last I saw (pre 96) INT CORPS drill instructor SNCOs/WOs at depot wore a cypress green sash - for obvious reasons. Never saw it anywhere else. Not as pretty as the red one, of course.
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The RAMC used to wear them until they were blazoned all over the 'The Regiment' magazine and the RSM from the AADW soon put the Medic Drillies in the RAMC right and they don't, or shouldn't wear them now.
  6. I can also remember that Duty Sgts used to wear them, but I've no idea when they were phased out, or even if they were.

  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Yes that was one tradition carried forward to the new LI, if it survives to the Rifles will be doubtful as I dont recall seeing RGJ wearing it and they seem to have won quite a few of the dress arguments!
  8. On Remembrance Parade 2005 I saw a guy in Number 2's wearing a Black Sash, exactly the same pattern as a SGT's red sash.

    He was a SGT but I couldn't see his cap badge.

  9. I was informed in the dim and distant past by a drill instructor that the history of the sash comes from pikemen. It was worn over the shoulder as the pikeman would wipe his hands on it as the blood from horses would come down the pike and he would lose his grip. It would become blood red with time and experience. Eventually these men would become sergeants and it became a badge of rank. Hence he always went apoplectic at the RAF Regiment as their sashes are sky blue and they didn't know the meaning of colour, he claimed.
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I can remeber the Company Orderly Sergeant (COS) (a Corporal, or even Lance Corporal) being given a sash to wear. Does this still happen? - I don't think I've seen Corporal wandering about in Sashs for a long time.
  11. Further to other replies. The sash previously worn by Pikemen was then warn by Sergeants and Warrant Officers when on duty as a badge of authority and also a rallying point.

    Officers wore a sash over their shoulder into which their sword was placed - this was later replaced by the Sam Browne belt.

    The red sash was traditionally Infantry or teeth arms, worn by artillery and engineers as well.

    Later Corps adopted a sash in their own colours and this is the format worn today by the duty Sgt. Black was RCT, Cypress Green Int, Blue RAF etc

    In the LI the sash is worn on the same side as the officer as during the battle of the Alma all the officers in the DLI (Durhams) were killed or wounded and the SNCO's took over command.
    This tradition was retained after amalgamation.

    Hope this helps :?
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  12. I take it taht woudl be why the RGJ don't wear them? Because they never used Pikes as a regiment.
  13. The RGJ never wore a sash as they are descended from the Rifle Brigade which never carried colours into battle but had their honours on their cap badge. They skirmished rather than advancing in lines with the Colours at the rear centre.

    The SNCOs in the Colour Party in Regts also wore the red sash, as said earlier, to be a rallying point. :wink:
  14. Any idea on my black sash mentioned earlier?