"red paw"

Calling all ex-members of Army Dog Unit Northern Ireland (ADUNI) I am attempting to write the history of the Unit in which I was proud to serve from 86-89. I would like to hear your stories of,Training, Brigades,Operations or anything Funny, Sad or Obscene a full credit will be given to all contributions,I will need your Name, Rank, Parent Unit, Name of Dog/s,Brigades served in and length of Service with the craziest bunch of misfits and malcontents ever put together.

My Contact Details are: (e-mail) andrewjtwigg@hotmail.com (mobile)07775713047 adress details will be given only on request. Once a Dog Man always a Dog Man
I know when i did the Generals house guard in NI, they had the biggest Guard Dog in NI, whose favourite trick was to sit on you and if you tried to move start growling, it also stopped us from opening the gate when the General returned, neither him or his minders were amused.
If Stumpy is reading this from the Great Lamp Post in the Sky he will come down and have you in double quick time

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