Red Nose Day

Is red nose day.........

  • A great day to give to charity

    Votes: 3 2.9%
  • is sir lenny on tv again?

    Votes: 3 2.9%
  • a waste of time

    Votes: 26 25.2%
  • should be organised by arrse

    Votes: 10 9.7%
  • i give enough to charity

    Votes: 11 10.7%
  • i don't give anything to charity

    Votes: 14 13.6%
  • bah humbug i'm off for a beer

    Votes: 36 35.0%

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Isn't that one of those things that looks like a shaved hedgehog that has been tin plated?

Fed up with Comic Relief/Children in need the lot of them. I am all for charity giving but there are plenty of small, local charities that deserve my money.
That's not going to provide first class travel and 5 star hotels for the NGO snowflakes next winter, is it?. Get with the vibe, man so these snowflakes can go on jollies help the starving of Africa next winter.
The high point of Virtue Signalling Nose Day for me was a few years ago when two motorists had a set to in Sainsbury's car park. Both combatants had one of those mong-sized red noses strapped to the front of their vehicle. It's the closest I've ever come to making a donation.
I shall celebrate White Saviour Day by donning some old KDs and my mate's Vietnamese pith helmet... and watching several hours of either Drew spunking good hard cash (that could otherwise be donated to fly-blown Africans) on shit 'antiques', or Extreme Alaskan Chopper Restorers in the Outback, followed by endless ads on toothpaste, piss pads and face cream, rounding things off nicely with Mike & Ed sorting out a '73 Ford Escort. Wahooo!
Do you think the recent unfavorable "White Savior" publicity will put a dent in the amount raised this year?
Maybe a picatranny, as a tranny with an eating disorder must appeal to a more woke audience
How about a Pitcairntranny. A mutineer in a dress!
The tax man tells me each year that the government gives £94.00 of my tax money in foreign aid. I can be certain that a good proportion of it is spent before it leaves the country and very little of it reaches the intended recipients.


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Prefer to spend my hard-earned on Whisky, Brandy and Rum; The rest gets frittered away with the odd donation to RNLI to keep in @The_Snail's good books.
Prefer to spend my hard-earned on Whisky, Brandy and Rum; The rest gets frittered away with the odd donation to RNLI to keep in @The_Snail's good books.
My charity of choice. The amount I slip into the collection box I should be Sluggy's best mate already.

Not that I've any sort of vested interest in ensuring their continued operational existence or anything, however.
This "Comic Relief/Red Nose" affair always seemed a bit strange to me. It's been going on for over 30 years. And after all that time, the total sum raised to date, appears to be about £1 billion.

Whereas the annual UK Foreign Aid Budget is about £13 billion.
Luckily I've been out of the country for every red nose day since 2003. Oh, what a shame.
Lenny Henry walt.

Actually no, the hilarious sod is hosting the event and not giving a sincere expression and furrowed brow extravaganza in some Kenyan village.

I know this as I'm at the inlaws and they've got it on the box.
There's an Only Fools and Horses musical number on at the moment.
Tune in, you're missing out on a laugh a minute, white knuckle ride. Honest.;)
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