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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by eve1962, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. ain't even here yet and I'm already completely fooked off by it all .... e-mails all day in the office about raffling books and cakes .... I don't want to spend my money for raffle tickets for some crappy cookbook by James Oliver and I certainly am not spending my spare time baking cakes to sell to fellow office staff. Not that I know how to cook sodding cakes anyhow.

    We've already had the preview (why????) of the "funny chicken outfit" some twat is going to be wearing tomorrow. Hilarious!!! They'll expect a pound for the honour of seeing that and laughing out loud all day, cos it's so funneeeeeeeeeeee.

    And we're all "encouraged" to wear as much red as possible. Oh what fun that will be.

    Is it just be being uncharitable???!!!
  2. We're doing an office childrens tea party, with no children... and a small office. £3 in and everyone contributes some food. So basically we're paying £3 to eat in our own office and contribute some food of our own-so £5 at least... I'd normally eat in here after going out to buy a killer sandwich for £1.95 from a secret decent sandwich bar/shop/place,

    But hey it's all 'for charity'. I must admit I don't like the way it's pretty much enforced upon us, it would probably end up being reflected in ones report along with cries of 'stingy basta*d' from one's work mates.
  3. Yes.

    So i'll start the bidding at a tenner for your tights (proceeds to charity!)

    And because im a charitable person, i'll bung you £30 to sort your roots? :D
  4. saucer of milk for cait :wink:

    But yes, your being uncharitable. Get in the spirit. And someone dressed as a giant chicken? How can you not find that amusing, its a comedy classic :wink:

  5. I'll chuck another fiver if they are still warm and with a dribble of piss in em.

    Eve.... I got a voucher for 'Carpet right' as an act of benevolance I will forward it to you, then you can change appearance of that gypsy caravan / taxi office :D
  6. No, it's being a post - op TV with a hormone problem.
  7. J_D

    J_D LE

    Don't know about you lot but I raised £80 at work by bullying students and annoying Academics!!

    Worth it mind you, least I can't get a b*ll*cking for calling a lecturer a tight fisted annoying tw@t to his face :lol:
  8. That should help your grades :roll:
  9. f*cking red nose day....why give money that will be sent to third world dictatorships ? every pound sent means that the corrupt tin pot dictatorship can spend more on arms and luxury goods. it's about time the thirld world looked after it's own.

    yes, i know, i'm a misrable c*nt.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Fair one Armourer.

    If everyone that was going to send some dosh to a despot would think again and donate it to the Glider Pilot Regiment fund, we'd soon be up to speed in helping those surviving heroes get to Arnhem to pat their respects to their fallen comrades.

    Come on, enjoy the funnies on Red Nose day then send your money to the GPR !

    Remember - this charity has a finite life......

  11. I think people would be better off picking charities that they identify with and giving a small amount monthly using the gift aid route. That way the charities get an extra 28p per pound if you are a tax payer. Personally I wouldn't donate the steam off my p1ss to some of the causes supported by CR
  12. Having lived for long enough, and in a number of African countries, East, Central and West, I've seen the effects of aid to them; twenty minutes after the big white Toyota and the sweaty NGOMeister have buggered off, life's back to normal. And nobody is going to tell me that the average African, bless his little horny feet, wants steak and lobster instead of posho - cornmeal and beans. He doesn't. He just wants what his dad and grandad had every day from their circumcised missuses, plus a bit of evil-smelling brew every so often. The fat slob in the black mercedes wants steak, though; he's the bloke who they all worship because he's fat, and powerful, and can whip them when he wants to, and whose philosophy is remarkably like that of the Slab Murphys in Ireland; that's why he's known as a member of the WaBenzi tribe. And he's the guy with an account in Guernsey.

    If you want to send aid to Africa, send Income tax inspectors, police trainers and prison guards. Don't send money. It'll just come back to the West. Save a Banker? Nein Danke.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Very true Whiskybreath, aid will only be of use to the average African if it put into their hands by our man on the ground.
    Even then it's not safe until Shadrack & his family have consumed it.

    Until the self-proclaimed 'civilized' nations get their heads round the African mindset and adapt to it rather than trying to make Africans adapt to western democracy all this aid is like peeing into the wind.

    Lessons learned ?
    I don't bloody think so ! :evil:
  14. My own personal feelings and just the way I feel, adults are bstrds we sh*t on each other the world over and seem to take delite in degrading/putting down/making ourselves feel better at the expense of others/killing each other and for what? It's the kids that I feel for, the one's who don't have parents because some fkin prick has decied he's got the right to take them off of this world or the ones who have died from aids or something else. Children have the right to grow up with some normality in there lives and the right to have two parents to help them do that no matter where they are in the world. I dunno I just think that it does me no harm to try and help them out in some way, I really don't give a flying fk about the ins and the outs of Charity and how it works but if there is some slim chance that those kids will benefit from some of my money then I'm going to donate some. I can go without £50 for one month and have another wage in a few weeks time, god knows when they will next have some income. Yes some prick may intercept it somewhere along the lines but if its in the system then there's a chance it could reach it's destination and that's good by me. Rest assured it will only be by phone though and I won't be dressing up in some daft costume, can't be arsed with that side of it.