Red Nose Day: Why Bother?

As Red Nose Day approaches this Friday, two points spring to mind. The first one is, why is Lenny Henry still on TV? He stopped being funny mid-1980s when he was doing all that Delbert Wilkins stuff. But secondily, why do we bother?

Red Nose Day was set up all those years ago to help fight the famine in Ethiopia and over the years millions of pounds has been raised. Where does it all go? I'm pretty sure there's still a famine in Ethiopia, so all that money raised has been wasted. Surely the money would be better spent at home, helping are own starving Africans.

It just seems we're put through scenes of "celebrities" crying crocodile tears over some dying African urchin, with flies all round his gob, all night for no real reason. Nothings ever going to change out there. People at the top will always take the money to keep them in the lavish lifestyle they lead, all the while their people are dying. Seems to me that Red Nose Day has it's priorities all wrong, instead of buying aid and mosquito nets and should be funding mercenaries to overthrow these people. Until then nothing will change and until then I won't be donating or buying a Red Nose.

Just saying like.
Watching that bloke Brand (Russell?) walking about in trendy boots, into the house of an orphan taking care of his two brothers was if he cares? Does he? I mean he's well-known for being a self-centred drug addict with form for abuse and disrespect. Not giving all his spare time to 3rd World causes. Does he really care about an orphaned lad and his two brothers in their stinking mud hut? Weird innit?

I think Comic Relief was a great idea when comedy was exciting with great personalities but with counter-culture replacing counter-culture we seem to have ended up with ameobic- cultures. But maybe for a new generation it's quite good.

Naafi rules apply and I haven't said bugger or **** yet. "Bugger and ****!"
Oh yeah...and it's no good laughing at poverty is it? when will they get some African politicians to show their faces eh? I'd like to see one of them beaten by an enraged Lenny Henry until he agrees to do away with surfdom/tenant farming styles in most of Africa. That's part of the problem. I mean Lenny Henry angry to the point of shitting himself. Let's stop all this 'being happy' shit and get on and beat some people up til they do something about poverty.
Money is used in UK and abroad and not just childrens charity, they are doing a huge ammount for Alzheimer support and we all may need that (some sooner rather than later). As for Brand he is supposed to be a reformed drug addict. They have continuing projects beyond immediate disaster relief. If a well known face gets them acsess go for it. £5 will save lives and gets 15% back on Gift aid. Its not much but it all helps. Go on give it a try.
No doubt the pictures of starving Africans will be broken up by stories of our own 'troubled teens' here in the UK. Surely half of that's the BBC's fault, what with all that Jimmy Savile unpleasentness. Cough up yourselves before asking me for money.

I may have to write a strongly worded letter of complaint to Points Of View. 'Dear Terry Wogan, Why is Comic Relief still on our TV screens. The clue is in the title 'COMIC'. I for one don't find starving Africans or Lenny Henry funny'.
No doubt the pictures of starving Africans will be broken up by stories of our own 'troubled teens' here in the UK. Surely half of that's the BBC's fault, what with all that Jimmy Savile unpleasentness.
Yep, The inner circles of the BBC used to call it "red anus day", Apparently it was Jimmy's favorite time of the year. :clown:

I give donations to local charities where I can see where the money is going or H4H/RBL.


Red nose day exists solely so that failing "celebs and never has beens" the last grasp of look at me oxygen thievery that they lust after so bady!
Its never been about charity but all about me, no me, no me, look at MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Ethiopia's population has more or less doubled since the 84 Geldof-fest, and now they're fucked again. We keep feeding them, they keep breeding, and we're back to square one. Fewer children would be a good start.
I'm afraid that the remote has been altered now and turns over anything with Lenny Henry in it.

It used to show him all the time when it was programmed 'Show C***s'.
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