Red Nose Day - What you doing for it?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheIronDuke, Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Dont start me on Red Nose Day, unless you want 500 words of near demented vitriol.

    Yeah yeah, its for a good cause. Many sub Saharan kids will be saved so they can be fried by global warming in 20 years time. But the idea of Desmond from accounts, who's wittiest remark to date was something about the 'Santa Clause' in a contract around Christmas, which left everybody with a puzzled frown, suddenly appearing dressed like Coco the Clown sends my normally sunny disposition right out the window.

    Red Nose Day should have been banned after David Brent put it all into cringing perspective in The Office. And can anybody please remind me when Lenny Henry was last funny? Anybody? At all?

    Normally I try to ignore it. But this year I have a plan.

    I intend to spend the entire day with a psychotic frown, a downturned mouth and my fists clenched. If anybody or anything makes me smile I shall donate £10 to the RBL and £10 to Amnesty International, in the interests of balance.

    So yeah, if the fat lass in the offy who dresses up like some character from a Middle Earth nightmare every year can really make me crack a smile, good causes are quids in.

    What you doing for this... er... good cause? And if its a bath in baked beans, how will you keep them warm?
  2. Getting pi ssed so I end up with a big red nose.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I shall be drinking lots of brandy, regularly to ensure that the requisite red nose is achieved. I shall be making my donations to the local offie, or the police should they arrest me whilst driving.

    As for little efnik kids in Africa, how the hell can they afford brandy anyway, they aren't getting my stash!!
  4. Fortunately unless I turn the TV to the offending channel, I won't even notice its passing.

    And like Lenny Henry being funny, there's fcuk all chance of that.
  5. I shall be working all day to keep a roof over MY children's heads and keep MY children fed.

    I shall then settle down an watch a commercial TV channel that won't mention it.
  6. I'm going to staple my flaps to a coffee table.

    Not for charity, I just like doing it.
  7. I'll pay to watch that!
  8. getting pi55ed in spain on a stag do
  9. Fcuk Red Nose Day, Celebs doing cringing reports from Africa, crap comedy sketches, with the "warm Message" at the end, I M GOING FOR A SH!t.
  10. You can staple em to my ears if you want.
  11. I will consult local students - they are such wags aren't they!

    I am still drying my shreddies after reading hilarious back issues of Rag mags.
  12. Hmm..what will I be doing for that day where self important jumped up celebs, give it the old "look at me, arent I kind" routine so they can get MORE money out of the decent british people that work hard to survive then give it to some corrupt goverment to line their own pockets with?

    I'll be in the pub, with the missus, having a nice pint from my money, that I worked to earn so I could go and enjoy a pint. :thumleft:
  13. Nowt - its as simple as that.

  14. What Red Nose Day?
  15. I'll be watching Wicked :puker: in the West End (the missus paid for Sp amalot so I had to let her chose)

    A tad miffed that I'll miss Vicar of Dibley tho