Red No Stop Zones

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wheel, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. Just watched on BBC Midlands today that Birmingham city council have introduced "Red No Stop Zones" . These are indicated by road signs in red and grey similar to the standard No parking signs and Red Double lines.
    My question is could you be summonsed for parking on these double red lines as they are not identified in the Highway code. Reason I am asking is I recently saw a report where a policeman got off a speeding charge in his private vehicle because the local council had put up speed restriction signs that were out of spec with Higway code / department of transport rules.
  2. I suppose it all depends if they have been brought into law using a by law
  3. Try page 79 of the current highway code for details
  4. i thought they were. they came up in a highway code test from the MT not so long ago during road safety week.
  5. My friend tells me that there are some useful statutory regulations available on the D fT website. On my friend's advice I recently used these regualtions and some photographic evidence to refute an FPN issued for an alleged offence, issued by Camden parking wardens.

    Unlike the wardens, Plod needs to have a working understanding of these regs before he can pass off the square. Not only does Plod use these regs to enforce the law, but also to advise some upstanding citizens, in instances where there may not actually be a law to uphold.....

    My friend also tells me ABD is also a v useful site for more spirited motoring enthusiasts

    Whoever they may be 8O
  6. They are scattered around solihull.
    Solihull residents believe they are an independent state anyway (a bit like cornwall) so they tend to do as they please.

    To be honest though these 'no stop zones' are put around places where you would expect, the main ones being close to their town centre.
    This way people have to use the proper car parks. So in effect, it is just another money making scheme. :)
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

    I have to travel through Solihull to work (currently in London training though), the Red route for me is great. They have provided some off road parking to keep customers happy but not further down the road nearing Birmingham where they are planning to extend the Red Lines. Get them in Selly Oak too, enforce them properly and get the tw@ts who drop it to 1 lane fined.
  8. seconded on selly oak