red motorbikes

Discussion in 'RLC' started by binderdundatngotdatshirt, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Can anyon advise me which units rode the red harley davidsons? regards Liam
  2. Nobody did.
  3. I replied to this in the other thread you started.

    The red Armstrong MT500 were used by the RE posties. We don't use red bikes any more as its a waste of money to get them sprayed.
  4. 33EOD had three red Armstrongs and three white ones.

    They were factory supplied that colour, not painted by the MT.

    They also had silver wheel rims and silver forks.


    Roy :D
  5. I forgot about EOD!! :lol:

    Some of them came with hard luggage as well which is now worth an absolute fortune. The amount I scrapped years ago, hindsight is a terrible thing. :(
  6. There were some Armstrongs painted red and blue at Moscow Camp in the late 80,s as I did the part one of MC test on one of them. They were definetly after market paint jobs I seem to remember by the quality of the paint job.