Red lines?

Or the arrse app on an ipad

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I get it just on this site as well and with yankee speeling.
It's the mods keeping an eye on you, 'cos they've got you down as a trouble maker. Some cunt told them you've got a pussy shot as your avatar. There'll be a black helicopter along in a minute, you mark my words.

Hope that helps...
You need to clean yer glasses?.........:)
I'm not sure that you quite grasp this; let me explain...

What's happening is that your computer is trying to be helpful by pointing out your spelling and punctuation errors. When your words get underlined, that's the programme indicating a mistake. Much like your teacher used to do in school. It's just saying, "Here's a mistake" and "Here's another mistake" and "by golly here's another one" and "Now there's more mistakes here" and "One more here" and "Yet another mistake...", or "You've done this wrong", and "Oh my goodness, what a cock up this is!". But instead of the computer being inconsiderate and causing annoyance with phrases like; "You've gone and done it again, get a grip!" it just puts this little red line under your words. Where some words aren't underlined with the little red lines the computer is suggesting that they might be correct. Although it doesn't guarantee that they actually make sense everytime.

There, I hope this makes more sense for you now :)

Aye but where have they come from? They were not there yesterday! Done antimalware thing and no problems like that.
I suspect that your PC has downloaded some updates from Microsoft, which included this little extra feature. Might be worth checking out the Microsoft website to see if there's a help guide showing how to turn it off.
Why when I type this am I seeing red lines under the punctuation and spelling errors?
Your browser was designed by a fanatical ex-Argyll.
Because the obvious explanation was malware that corrects your spelling.
If I only had the technical skills, that would be my contribution to the sum of human happiness.
You haven't got your keyboard or spellchecker set to Serbo-Croat or something, have you?

Edit: Got my mum a Kindle Fire for Chrimbo, within 10 minutes she'd got the thing set to Italian. Fuck knows how she managed that.
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