Red lines?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. Why when I type this am I seeing red lines under the punctuation and spelling errors?
  2. You're using
    a) Chrome
    b) Opera
    c) Firefox with a spellcheck addon
  3. Why do you never see baby pigeons is the one that gets me
  4. Or dead ones, and what happened to Spangles?

  5. or IE10,with built in spellchecker.
  6. Or the arrse app on an ipad

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  7. Because you ARE making spelling errors. Just a guess, like.....
  8. No - none of the above!
  9. fcuk off!
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  10. Straight up, it's the most likely reason for the red lines by far...
  11. I get it just on this site as well and with yankee speeling.
  12. Aye but where have they come from? They were not there yesterday! Done antimalware thing and no problems like that.
  13. It's the mods keeping an eye on you, 'cos they've got you down as a trouble maker. Some cunt told them you've got a pussy shot as your avatar. There'll be a black helicopter along in a minute, you mark my words.

    Hope that helps...
  14. You need to clean yer glasses?.........:)
  15. Great pussy by the way, just like my Rosie.......