Red Kens political broadcast

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mon_colonel, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. Just watching Ken Livingstones political broadcast on Channel 4, he was saying how proud he is that 300 different languages are spoken in London schools, I thought the idea was one language English or is that un PC :?
  2. If English was spoken, that would make it 301 languages. :roll:
  3. English
    English (Ye Shakespearian stylee)

    I need some help on the other 295? Or is the cunt meaning the pupils with English As a Second Language with lessons still being taught in English? How do you spell "spin"?
  4. If that fuc*er thought it would get him a vote he would tell you how proud he was of the Paedo's that operate in the capital! Not good enough for fish food that cu*t!
  5. I wonder if there would be any mayor in the USA as proud to say that his city was so fractured.
  6. I would be more impressed if he had said that every one in London Schools could speak, read and write English on top of knowing a second or third language.
    I hate that fcuking ccok weasel with great vengeance :twisted:
  7. As a life long Labour voter i detest the newt lover so much i'm voting for buffoon Johnson. And he can shove his congestion charge & olympics up his sh1tter the fecking fat skidmark