Red Ken trades consultants for Venezuelan Oil

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. Ken's oil for brooms deal: fuel for us, a clean-up for Caracas...that would see Caracas benefit from the capital's expertise in policing, tourism, transport, housing and waste disposal.

    London, meanwhile, would gain the most obvious asset the Venezuelans have to give: cheap oil. Possibly more than a million barrels of the stuff.

    Details of the deal under discussion emerged in a memo seen by the Guardian that described the progress of meetings between the mayor's most senior officials, embassy officials and figures from PDV UK, the Venezuelan state oil company.

    It said London would receive an unspecified amount of oil as part of the 1.3m barrels needed to run the buses each year. In return the mayor's aides would promise to "actively and efficiently promote Venezuela's image in the UK" by highlighting the oil deal's benefits for London's poor and by boosting tourism with advertisements on buses.

    Caracas, it said, would also benefit from help in running its transport system and in fighting crime, using London's expertise in the use of CCTV, fingerprint technology and neighbourhood policing. Consultants would help with waste disposal, air quality and adult education.

    Article in full,,1871226,00.html
  2. Local politicians becumming involved in National Politics.
    Hum what would we need a government for ?
  3. Independance for London I say!
  4. How's Red Ken going to shift all of that oil? Hang on a minute. He could call up his old mate George Galloway. Isn't it alleged that he was allegedly involved in alleged oil dealings - allegedly with Saddam 'alleged tyrant' Hussein? (Don't sue me George)
  5. On the face of it, it's a sweet though crude deal.......

    Thank you, I'll be here all week, try the fish :D

    Actually, why not? Not to mention there may well be enough to give London pensioners very cheap heating oil come winter.

    Now as soon as they announce cheap tickets to Venezuela, Je suis gone , I fancy wintering surrounded by leggy beach bunnies.
  6. bwhahahaaaaahhaa red kens "expertise" for cheap oil
    so that 25 barrels of oil is it then :twisted:
    can't see it as a problem we could fill venuzlia with consultants in exchange for oil although not sure chavez is going to feel he's got much of a bargin :twisted:
  7. So much for his green credentials. Continuing/Encouraging the use of oil for their public transport. How about he invests some of his (ours by the way!) money in some Great British renewable energy technology?

    Oh no, that would mean denying him the chance to prop up another corrupt socialist premier :roll:

    Man's a hypocrite of the biggest order!
  8. My Bold.

    How will it benifit the "poor" as there is an emense cost in producing a usable product out of this oil.

    Londons Transport is in sh1t state and will be screwed even more when the advised PPI take full control of the underground. No room for improvement on the busses either and the rail network comming into London is sh1t.

    Policing the capitol is underfunded and receives no guidence from the "Consultantst" Ken seems so keen on and education in London is in dire need of improvements.

    If Chavez thinks he will gain from this he needs his head banging with a very big stick.

    All in all, the only ones to benifit are the oil converters and the so call experts who will get a very large pay packet throughout the "project"

    All this is IMHO of course

  9. Couldn't agree more. But good old red ken is a huge fan of chavez - ignoring such issues as Venezuala aligning itself with Iran, North Korea (and cuba, but only the US care about that now).

    Chavez is only still there due to the price of oil - it allows him such riches to to make these gestures (he has some of the same in his country), and yet the crime rate has tripled since he came to power. He's been using his status as head of a major oil producing country (8th?) to pi$$ off America, insult Tony (fair enough, but the "pawn of imperialism"? I wouldn't go that far...), whilst trying to gain popularity with the commies who bunch together and make these gestures to gain popularity with the less priveleged.

    I've supported some of what Red Ken has been up to - but there's another rise for tube fares due: up to £4 now for a zone one single!! That's up from £3. Not a great number of years ago it was £1.40. It's fine if you live in London and have an Oyster card, but I tend to just travel through or to London visiting family.

    The night buses are great, but are obviously costing Ken a fortune. The congestion charge worked too well, it didn't make enough money and half of all revenue goes to admin. Transport for London has offices that are huge, posh, and way beyond what they need (Windsor House, 50 Victoria Steet if you want to have a gander), they have every floor on one of the tallest buildings around - what the fcuk for????

    Chavez needs a slap, red ken needs another reporter to get him to admit hating jews/blacks/asians/tony whilst hammered.
  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    1.3 million barrels of gas oil, which I presume is what Chavez wants to sell rather than crude oil, is roughly 206,700,000 Litres. That's c£97,355,700 in additional excise duty for Prudence Broon.

    That is undercut by the subsidy that TfL get from the DFT for running the bus service (which I believe would be somewhere in the region of £96,115,500 for this volume of oil (the full rate of excise duty reduced to the rebated rate (red diesel rate))).

    That leaves Ken owing Gordy £1,240,200.

    Well the economics make sense in a publicsector kind of way.