Red Ken does it again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Ken Livingstone wants a statue og Mahatma Ghandi to be erected in Parliament Square in celebration of the fact that Ghandi was an integral part of British history (WTF?). Correct me if I am wrong but all that Ghandi did for British was become a pain in the arrse, was instrumental in the collapse of a once great Empire, failed to condemn attacks on members of the Forces by Extremists (but he allegedly secretly supported them) and (give him his due) "peacefully demonstrated" for independence.

    Ken had that brainwave to have Mandelas statue erected as he was part of out natins heritage. He did fcuk all for our country.

    WAKE UP LIVINSTONE. Instead of these crappy statues why not erect one for our forces or for our police and other emergency services? Not some tinpot sheet wearing slaphead.
  2. All part of campaigning for the ethnic vote
  3. If it was to replace that naked half body female statue, I'd be more for it. In fact I'd even go for one of an asda cashier to replace that crap. Other than that, no. Mr. L has a long back garden in his NW London home, he ought to test his ideas there instead.
  4. I'm surprised he hasn't tried to get a statue of Adams being rogered by McGuinness in trafalgar square as a gesture of peace. :lol:

    Ken is, and has always been a knobber of the first order and a pain in the political arrse of any party(including his own) that was in power 8O

  5. :?Is here is a Ghandi statue in Tavistock Square Gardens :?: What needed is a statute for red KenR.I.P.asap :lol:
  6. Livingston is fast becoming a bore, it is he, and his friends policies over the last twenty years that have turned this one pleasent easy going country, into a hand wringing, mealy mouthed, egg shell walking embarrassment of a country. It's bloody sad what has happened to this country over the last few years. Humour has dissapeared too, everything is so serious now, you can't even open your mouth to say something without some official branding you with the 'R' word, I would emigrate if I had any money, but I'm skint. :?
  7. he really is a massive cnut
  8. Yep indeed: [​IMG]
  9. Not really so, he was very pro Empire for much of his early life and I believe did a fair bit ref our wounded in the Boer War as a volunteer. He also published a guide to surviving in London as a student, which I am told is a cracking read. Us giving up India had nothing to with him and everything to do with the deal that the Yanks insisted on for help during WWII as in we had to give it up as it was major threat as a trading block to emerging US supremacy. They obviously dressed it up as somthing else.

    To be honest given Red Kens track record this could have been much much worse. Ghandi I can live with, Bobby Sands I couldn't.
  10. Sergeant-Major Mohandas Gandhi, awarded Kaisar-i-Hind, George V, 1st variety, gold, QSA and Natal 08 what ever his politics he did his bit, when many others didnt
  11. :lol: :lol: :lol: Cheers I remember him, bet Red Ken cannot cross his legs like Ghandi, be nice to see Ken next to Ghandi so the birds can post their messages on him. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Interesting comment a_j - any evidence to support it?

    On the issue of Ken and his "brilliant" ideas - when is he due to fcuk off & die / leave office - can't happen soon enough :D

  13. I think Ken’s spot on about getting rid of the tedious generals, slave owners, empire builders and n*****-drivers who populate London’s public places. They don’t represent majority Britain and never have. They’ve nothing to do with freedom and standing up to bullies and justice and fair play – perennial British values. In other words they’re unpatriotic and the sooner Red Ken pulls them all down the better. Plus London keeps voting for him so what Ken does has a mandate behind it.

    One advantage of a Gandhi statue is that the wonderful Dickie Attenborough might be persuaded to unveil it (as he did the recent Mandela). In fact, can't Dickie be persuaded to post on ARSSE? He’d call UKIP and BNP members ‘darling!’ while violently disagreeing with them. It would be great.
  15. Prefer Gandhi to Mandela personally.

    Wouldn't mind it if it was actually about Gandhi being a decent bloke and not about multicultural PR. Jeebus was a good bloke too and Ken would never suggest a new statue of him.