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Earlier today, I came into Maison Fingerz after a couple of hours of chopping and splitting logs in the freezing cold for a banjo and a brew.

I put the box on, and lo and behold it was the Discovery Channel and a programme entitled "Sons Of Guns". It features the above named company. Today their objective was to produce a fully suppressed grenade launcher.

Am I the only one who thinks that the company owner may have a little too much time on his hands?


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Not when you see how much he is charging for the weird weapons he builds.


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seen a few of them - and they wonder why they have an issue with gun use over there.

the technical stuff can be quite interesting but being cable the need the money shot at the end.

I did like what they did with the ak though.
He spends alot of his time re-inventing the wheel, but if it works for him then good on him. What he charges for a Saiga shotgun is astrofúckingnomical.
The episode in which he was re-activating a Bren nearly had me dehydrated down the front of my shirt until I discovered it would only fire semi-auto. What a fucking waste of time and money. Restore the fucking thing to its original glory, FFS!

Did a nice job on a 40mm Bofors, however.
Yep, but you just know that the one at Red Jacket swallows and doesn't spill a drop. Good on two fronts ~ the most important being that it halts that Southern drawl for a wee while........

Amazing part of the world. First place I heard the expression "there's more ways of killing a pig Boy than fuckin it to death"
Still use it ~ always makes me smile ~ just not in front of the Vicar.............
Bit of a pity they were careless with all those gun parts around the shop, and hence lost their licence to be a gun shop....
Y'all may want to google "American Guns fake"
Given the pictures that I have already posted in this thread you are clearly labouring under a misapprehension as to why I am watching the show :D

I didn't know that it had been cancelled in the US, it is still showing in Asia


Those yank programs are aimed at goldfish attention span yehaws with ad breaks and recaps every 5 minites. You actually get about 10 minutes of original footage in a 30 minute episode of most modern US shows and its generally shit, ill informed, poorly researched and worst of all poorly presented with little or no knowledge of the subject matter and 100% reliance on the latest bubba internet myth about not made here guns!
Baby food for the intellect, sadly our own internet tv offerings here are little better than 30 minute rolling adverts for kit geeks!

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