Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Pastover, Jun 9, 2003.

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  1. Far be it for me, a mere new boy, to criticise a great enterprise such as this but could I point out to those that are running this excellent site, or whatever it is called, that the header should not read Forum but FOra as there appear to be so many of them.

    Now you might say that I do not know my arrse from my eelbow and you may be right but should we not try and maintain standards ??? :eek:

    gos isn't it fun all there clever little face thingys.
  2. Here, here!!!    (pssst!.......I'll agree with you in principle, but can you tell me something........what the fukk are you on about?)
  3. Totally agree with pastover on this one.

    Forum = nominative singular neuter noun.

    Fora = Nominative plural neuter noun.

    Exactly the same as data (which is plural) - the singular is datum.

    Oh the joys of a classical education - now where are my saucy poems by Catullus ?
  4. are speaking some kind of foreign language or am i being dense again?
  6. Yes, indeed it is a foreign language, although not one spoken today - Latin, to be precise - and it forms a significant part of the basis of the Western European languages.

    So fora it should be (not bollox !) ;D
  7. Bolli?
  8. ... or maybe bollae?
  9. OK then - do you in the mess ask for a martini? If just the one, should it not be martinus?
  10. Really handy in a platoon Attack!
  11. Now I definately don't know your arrse from your elbow but didn't you mean :-


  12. And "gosh" should have a capital "G", be followed by a comma and the whole sentence end in a "?", as it's a rhetorical question. Personally, I would make the plural of "thingy" as "thingies", but that's probably just me*.

    Moreover, the Oxford English Dictionary recognizes "forums" as a valid plural, just as it recognizes "octopuses". English communication is just that: communication. Linguistic oneupmanship does not help when only a small proportion of your target audience would understand the relationship between "forum" and "fora".

    Oh, and "da mi basia mille" etc etc.


    *And yes, "Personally, I... me" is a tautology. It's done deliberately, as a matter of style and to emphasize the subjective quality of the sentence.
  13. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    Presumably, so is etc etc....

  14. go on google type in forum see the results then type in fora and see the results then shut the fu*k up and shove your cranium (or craniums if u still dont agree) up your hoop you co*ck :D
  15. Touche! :D