Red Hot Poop

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Harold_The_Clever_Sheep, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Tayto Crisps have just bought the Golden Wonder Factory!!!
  2. Does this mean that Tayto Crisps are going to be launched in the UK or will they just continue with the gash selection that Golden Wonder do already??

    For those of you who are unfortunate enough to not be Irish and therefore have never had the pleasure of tasting the mighty cheese and onion ones, Tayto crisps are the best in the world and p1ss on every other brand!!!!!
  3. So you are an Irish Navvy and you and the other moron have seen fit to post bullshit about crisps into the Int Corps forum... :roll:

    Either that or I should be wearing my tin-foil hat as you are cunningly passing coded messages in the last place anyone would expect to see such things! Wow, what a dead drop :roll:
  4. How insular! I'm certainly not Irish, but I must admit Tayto Crisps (cheese and onion flavour only) are indeed superb. That reason alone was worth spending 2 years in NI for!
  5. Barbarian. Tayto are the dogs'.
  6. hmm..........................................


    cheese and onion..............
  7. What about nice 'n' spicy nik-naks? Next to Brannigan's roast beef and mustard they are the snack of champions!!!!! :lol:
  8. No, it's true. They're (Tayto) full of lard, cholesterol and instant cardiac death, but they're definitely top of the league.
  9. Were the crisps the reason why you settled in NI Whiskybreath?
  10. No, the missus forcefully insisted. She's spent a lifetime eating them and is bigger and stronger than me.
  11. What ever happened to the 'Canny bag O' Tudor' ? Now they were a crisp for winners.
  12. Or even Seabrooks Prawn cocktail flavour.

    Bugger all to do with Int mind!