red/green 1 mech bde badges

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Chris_2oo6, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. anyone know anywhere i can get them cheap online?

    found 1 site that sells them but theyre £5 a pop!! no way im paying that

    my unit has got ample desert ones but these are hard to get hold of

  2. putting your shirt/jacket through your unit QM's department do they not put all your TRF's and flashes on through a contract that most units have meaning you do not pay a penny ?
  3. thanks :)

    and no our QM's dont sew them on for us unfortunately..never heard of them doing that before

  4. The only way we get the TRFs and flashes is off the Kit that is handed back in to the QMs for de-kitting.

    We get issued 3 TRFs (3 shirts plus 2 jackets as issue) so you can do the maths and if you want nice new Bde flashes you have to buy them from the PRI shop, if your unit has one which mine doesn't and I'm at a major unit!
  5. thats a bit s**t ! its a really good system we have in place.Thought it was standard in most major units.
  6. Nope. There's a notice in the QM's at our place making it very clear that TRFs are not to be at public expense and that once your issued five have worn out you'll pay for the replacement. If I remember rightly, it's from Brigade and probably came to them from the SOinC or whoever's decided that the Army should look like frigging Boy Scouts.

    I'm tempted to refuse to pay for new ones, but it's not really worth all the extra guards.
  7. If you take you jackets/shirts to the tailors in bulford camp via your QMA/Clothing store they should sew them on for free, or if you go down your self the civvi sewing guy will sell you them. :D
  8. didnt know that ! all the tailoring i have had done, less for mods to combat jackets ,i have been asked to purchase the trfs & brigade flashes or take the old ones off.
  9. I think it is outragous, the amount of kit we are expected to have but have to purchase out of your own pocket.

    TRF's, Regimental Tracksuits, Stable belts, pace sticks, drill boots, white belts, Mess Dress..........etc.

    You go on tour for queen and country, they give you another medal for wastng 6 months of your life, then you have to buy a miniture and then get them all re-mounted!

    If they want us to wear this crap, then it should be issued and paid for!

    ...........and relax!!! :twisted:
  10. I'm certain you don't have to pay for your own. Your Quartermaster is probably spending the allocated money on new suit for himself.

    Go and tell the dopey old git to stop fiddling and get your TRF's sewn on.
  11. Have a word with 143 Bde then. I'm pretty sure it was them that sent the letter I referred to, although I will try and confirm that if I remember while I'm in the clothing store tomorrow. Once you've been issued your initial 5 TRFs, they are not replaced from the public purse.
  12. i couldnt tell you how many i have had over the years but 100% certain the clothing storeman isnt keeping tabs on something as petty.
  13. Clearly you don't know our clothing store witch either...

    "I can't issue you these, someone might need them" is a genuine excuse given to someone for why they couldn't have the last pair of trousers in their size...

    And I've had to pay for every badge I've had since I've been here.
  14. I alawys worked on the principle that if it wasn't issued I couldn't be made to wear/buy it and it laways worked for me. The only exception being mess kit which I wanted as I was a member of the club and was priveleged to attend function. Don't wear them and when asked why just say "I can't get them from the stores "