Red Flag 12-3

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rawhide, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. Looking at the latest red flag release on Air Attack, a couple of things really dissapoint me:

    Red Flag 12-3 Kicks Off ::

    Firstly, the media outlet has to remind subscribers (or viewers) that the Royal Air Force is from the United Kingdom.

    Secondly, we (UK) are putting forward some GRA4 tornado's and Australia are putting forward F/A 18's.

    Red Flag is a realistic combat training exercise designed to help train pilots from U.S. and allied forces to fight together, survive together and win together.

    What a disgrace.

    Last night I watched a programme on the F-16, the yanks sent it to the UK in a similar exercise against.....ahem, a Buccaneer and a Jaguar. It kicked arse (it was designed as a fighter).

    What a disgrace.

    Now we have a potential (hype) world beater, and we send the old Tonka.

    FFS, where can i buy a ticket for the outrage bus cos im 6 beers down and boiling.
  2. I fail to see any disgrace or outrage, perhaps I need to catch up on beer
  3. At ease Rawhide, the RAF have sent the B team purposely to fool the Argies and Eye-ranians and they (RAF) don't want to wipe the desert floor with the USAF.
  4. OK I was a little enthusiastic, but surely we can field the Typhoon to see how it compares, being as though it will be the front line of defence (offence) then we should start using it with our Allies.

    I was outraged (drunk) that the Aussies were fielding f/a 18's (didnt see if they were the Super Hornets) and we only have 30 year old Tonkas.

    I suppose I just want to see more of the Typhoon and if it lives up to the hype.
  5. I may be going out on a massive limb here, but maybe, just maybe, the RAF wanted to emphasis air to ground this year, or that may be the focus of the exercise as opposed to air to air. Also, depending on what jets we sent last time, it could be the turn of Tornado fleet to get some exposure to mock combat and er....frequent jollies to Las Vegas....
  6. Or perhaps the Typhoon fleet were to busy to work up for Red Flag what with limited air frames whilst covering OEU, UK AD, FI AD, Libya & London/Olympic QRA?
  7. Looks like you guys are sending over Typhoons this year - cheer up! 5 weeks in the good ol' USA - your fly boys gotta love the 3 weeks they will spend in Nellis AFB - Vegas baby Vegas! :)

    Exercise Red Flag
  8. Get the Typhoon in the game,ffs, it cost enough, lets hear about it earning its keep, or cant we afford the gogo juice for them.
  9. You guys are. Read my link.
  10. Red Flag is brilliant, I got sent on it as a lowly Lance Jack and had to slum it in hotels