Red Faced Police

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by visitor, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. Assholes, the pair of them.

    Aggravated TWOC, they're as good as gone and with a criminal record.
  2. Note that there were two coppers in the car and that they were supposedly waiting for recovery. It follows that their cop car was sitting empty at the side of the road. Does this suggest that they decided to take it for a quick spin (literally) while they were waiting?

    The Specials seem to have come up with a similar theory in their website: GMP Lancer crash - Forum
  3. That's EXACTLY what they appear to have done, then lost control and totalled it. It was an 'Evo' so they probably thought they were doing 'Road Wars' or some similar, dreadful shite. **** the pair of them.
  4. I know a couple of blokes in the local police force. Both fit, intelligent and decent enough people - but owin to a lack of life experience and maturity, they're very macho. I couldn't see them doing something quite this stupid, but doesn't surprise me that it's happened.

    I wonder if it's something the police could work on and fix, or whether it's simply an incurable reflection of modern society.
  5. [​IMG]

    I doubt it...
  6. If the owner and driver who they originally pulled was drunk then I reckon its fairdos.

    If not then... bring out the guillotine!
  7. He may have been over the limit (and will be punished accordingly), but at least it was his own car and he didn't crash it.

    On the other hand, the represensentatives of the very body that consistently tell us that "Speed Kills" have stolen a car, taken it for a joyride, no doubt broken the speed limit, exceeded their own abilities and crashed it. Only by luck did they avoid killing themselves or, even more tragically, an innocent party. If the force policy was to wait for it to be recovered from the roadside and they deliberately broke this regulation for their own purposes (ie thrill seeking) then they would also have been uninsured. I think their crime exceeds that of the vehicle's owner by at country mile.

    The drink-driving law doesn't exist in abstract; its purpose is to stop people driving recklessly and crashing. These clowns did exactly that and don't even have the excuse of being pissed.
  8. I have driven loads of cars to a safe place following arrests my favourite being a Lancia Delta integrali, never crashed one, then again I managed to avoid the temptation of driving to quick. There may be a perfectly reasonable reason but it will need to be better than the famous and now old black dog.
  9. Britain would be better place minus a vast majority of screws, they are no better than criminals themselves except they have a uniform.

    Me personally coming from a rough area as I'm sure everyone has, I have witnessed the police do unthinkable things (beating innocent people up, urinating on peoples doorsteps etc, and I am being 100% honest here) But as you know nothing will ever come of it, take that plonker Raoul Moat for example-although he deserved to die there is no questioning that, but no matter what happened that evening it was always going to be the case that he fired his shotgun before the tasers were fired.....but was it? Who knows.

    Anyway I am sure there are decent coppers out there I'm very sure of it. But as for the rogues of the force you can see straight through them.
  10. Bet the Insurance company for the Police Force won't pay out on this either..... ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahaha! What ££%**%3@@
  11. The emperour mong is seen sniggering behind a copy of max power.
  12. "We have not been able to get out of our house. The road's been closed - I had to walk the kids to school."

    Bloody hell !! The sheer ignomy of it !!!
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Medical Retirement on full pension beckons for someone and his mate
  14. I like the way the article states that:
    "Officers were driving the car away - against force policy - when it crashed through two gardens. One was injured."

    When "it" crashed through two gardens? Nothing to do with the goon behind the wheel then?